BANNED: TikTok is banned from all University of Arkansas-issused device, effective immediately.

Per Gov. Sarah Sandersexecutive order banning TikTok on state devices, one if seven orders she signed on her first day in office, University of Arkansas System officials called for an immediate flush of the entertainment app from any university-issued tech device.

Mark Rushing, the associate vice chancellor for university relations, sent out a mass email Tuesday afternoon calling for the immediate action. Along with removal from issued devices — that’s computers, tablets, smartphones, etc. — TikTok will also be blocked on the university’s wi-fi network “as soon as possible.”


Sanders’ executive order outlined concerns that TikTok is a Chinese company, and the app can “harvest large amounts of data from devices on which it is installed, including information regarding when, where and how users interact with the Internet.”

Rushing’s email noted that the University of Arkansas System “believes these actions [the ban] are in the best interest of the information security for all institutions in the UA system and are consistent with the executing order regarding TikTok.”


The school’s wi-fi spans the entire campus, including the dorms and sporting arenas. Students, faculty and staff are required to sign in with school credentials to gain access, though a guest wi-fi connection is also available. Students in Fayetteville are enjoying a snow day Wednesday. How many are relishing in the last moments with easy access to TikTok on their phones? Probably a lot.

“Account managers of TikTok accounts affiliated with the university or one of its colleges, schools or units should make those accounts inactive as soon as possible and no later than the end of day Wednesday, Jan. 25,” according to the email notice.


The official “uarkansas” TikTok account claims to be “inactive.” All previous posts were still online as of Wednesday morning. The verified “arkansasrazorbacks” sports account with more than 85,000 followers is still active, and it posted as recently as 11 hours ago.

Arkansas State University made a similar move away from TikTok after Sanders’ executive order. The account has been listed as inactive since at least Jan. 10.


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