Americans for Prosperity Arkansas Americans for Prosperity Director Ryan Norris called for more freedom (for rich people to get richer). Brian Chilson

Look out, Sen. Jimmy Hickey, Rep. Carol Dalby and crew. The Koch brothers team is gunning for you.

The Arkansas chapter of Americans for Prosperity, that conservative/libertarian Ayn Rand fan club to put more money in the pockets of billionaires, put out this call to action on school vouchers last night.


Ladies & Gentlemen,

The bill is finally here! We are in excellent shape but if you want to help take School Choice over the finish line, I have compiled everything we need to do just that in this email! 🙂


Here is the bill:

  1. Estimated Timeline of Events

Wednesday, February 22 @ 9:00 am the bill will debut in the Senate Education  Committee

Public Comment/Testimony needed but we need to save the best testimonies for the House Ed Committee. They need the most encouragement.

Thursday, February 23 @ 1:00 pm the bill is expected to be on the Senate floor

No Public Comment/Testimony allowed, we will replace with a Pink Slip Campaign

Tuesday, February 28 @ 10:00 am the bill is expected to be in the House Ed


Public Comment/Testimony NEEDED!

Wednesday, March 1 @ 1:30 pm the bill is expected to be on the House floor

No Public Comment/Testimony allowed, we will replace with a Pink Slip     Campaign


  1. Legislators That Need Encouragement To Vote YES!

Below is a list of legislators that are a solid “no” or “lean no” that are Republicans and need to hear from our side. The best strategy is to keep it as short and sweet as possible but definitely get your story or your “why” communicated. I will list them out individually and in a “copy and paste” format in case you want to send one email to all. If you do send one email to all, I would suggest BCC(blind carbon copy) so they think you are talking to just them.


Stan Berry 970-7982

Carol Dalby 870-772-1255

Jimmy Hickey 870-772-4444

Lane Jean l_jean@sbcglobal.net870-904-1856

Ron McNair 870-754-7962

Dwight Tosh 870-926-0423

Jim Wooten (501) 858-7403,,,


  1. Legislators That Need THANK YOUs For Standing Behind Sarah But Still Need Encouragement

These Republican legislators are “leaning yes” or have changed to a “yes” and they were standing behind Governor Sanders at the press conference to announce the LEARNs Plan, we want to keep them a “yes” and also we want them to know that we are watching closely. These legislators are also all on the House Education Committee so we REALLY need them to vote YES!


Bruce Cozart 501-627-3232

Hope Duke

John Maddox 479-394-6060

DeAnn Vaught 870-832-2638

Steven Walker,


  1. Teachers Who Support School Choice

We need teachers that support School Choice to testify before the Education Committees. If you can share this information with them and let them know they are needed, that would be great! Feel free to give them my email or phone number and I will get them all the info they need if they have any questions.


  1. Legislators That Lean Yes But Need Encouragement (Did Not Stand Behind Governor Sanders)

These legislators are leaning toward voting “yes” but need extra encouragement. They did not stand behind Governor Sanders for whatever reason when she announced the LEARNs plan so we just want them to know how many Arkansans want and need School Choice.


Frances Cavenaugh 870-886-4000

Les Eaves 501-827-1344

Mike Holcomb 870-489-7177

Steve Hollowell 870-270-3831

Roger Lynch 501-412-8959

Rick McClure (501) 786-4186

Mark McElroy

Shad Pearce

Bart Schulz

Les Warren 501-623-4405

Danny Watson 870-703-5524,,,,,


  1. Pink Slip Campaign For Floor Votes

Since there is no public comment or testimony on the House or Senate floor, we will be doing a “Pink Slip Campaign”. If you aren’t familiar with what a pink slip is, let me explain. There is a legislative desk that you can call and leave a message for a legislator. They write down your message on a pink slip and walk it to the legislator. It’s the equivalent of getting mail at summer camp for legislators, as long as it’s positive. 🙂 This is an excellent way to get them a message, in writing, right before they vote.


***Stayed tuned for regular updates until the bill is passed! If anyone is interested in going to Little Rock, let me know and we will accommodate as much as possible. The most important day is going to be when the bill is in House Education Committee, we are predicting this date to be next Tuesday, February 28th but I will keep you up to date as quickly as possible. Also stay tuned for the Pink Slip Campaign instructions. These will come the day of the floor votes so they will be a quick turnaround. ***


Thank you all so much for your efforts and dedication to the children of Arkansas!



Nikki Beaver | Grassroots Engagement Director | Americans For Prosperity-Arkansas | c: 479-409-6646 | e: