Governor Sarah Sanders addresses a room full of students at a school choice event. Brian Chilson

The Little Rock Central High School Young Leftists continue to bring the heat. They’ve been pushing, with some success, for the LRSD to embrace solar energy and fighting back against Entergy’s cynical efforts to stymie the efforts.

Now they’ve penned a thorough takedown of Arkansas LEARNS, which they argue is antithetical to everything Central High School stands for. Kindly keep our school out your mouth, they ask Sanders.


Carved into the face of the monumental Little Rock Central High School, four statues overlook the campus grounds, each representing a different principle for which the school stands. Almost a century after these pillars were embedded into the walls of the building, Central High remains a beacon for these fundamental components of education. Today, because of Governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders and her omnibus education bill, the proposed LEARNS Act, these ideals are in danger.

By siphoning funds and resources away from public education and into the private sector, the ambition of our disadvantaged students and hardworking faculty will be stifled. Governor Sanders’ intent to imitate policies similar to those of Florida’s anti-LGBTQ+ legislation will suppress the free expression of personality. School choice policies which will favor upper-class families would create unequal opportunities for lower-income students. Reforms that attack school coursework deemed too inappropriate for students will dramatically decrease their preparation to face real-world social issues.

Governor Sanders’ approach is completely antithetical to the values that Central High stands for. As much as she tries to desperately cling to the legacy of our historic institution, we, as students of Central High, unequivocally reject her exploitation of our school’s achievements.

The students ask other students, alumni, employees or parents to sign on to their letter.