ELECTRICAL FIRE: A North Little Rock school was evacuated this morning because of an electrical fire.

North Little Rock’s seventh and eighth-grade campus was evacuated this morning because of an electrical fire. 

It’s been a tough semester for North Little Rock, which has dealt with bats in the high school and a scented wall plug-in that forced an evacuation at the middle school.


Here’s the school district’s statement on today’s events:  

This is to provide you with an update regarding the situation that happened earlier (March 17) at the Seventh & Eighth Grade Campus. 

Earlier today, the power went out in a few classrooms on the second floor at the Seventh & Eighth Grade Campus. As electricians replaced a breaker to restore power, a fire started in an electric panel caused by an electric arc. Electricians immediately extinguished the fire as students and staff were evacuated safely from the area. We appreciate the quick response from our electricians and the North Little Rock Fire Department. 

There is no direct connection between last week’s incident and today’s situation.

The safety of our students and staff remains our top priority.