Jim and Bobye Holt, once close friends of the Duggar family, appeared on a new documentary critical of the Springdale reality TV family. Amazon Prime

Former state Sen. Jim Holt, once a close friend of Jim Bob Duggar and a key character in the documentary “Shiny Happy People: Duggar Family Secrets,” seems to be on the outs with a couple of family members.

An online publication called Showbiz Cheatsheet tipped us off to the news, and it checks out. Court documents show Bobye Holt, Jim Holt’s wife and mother of their 11 children, was granted an order of protection from her husband on April 21. Court records are sparse, but it appears Bobye Holt got a temporary order in April and was granted a longer-lasting order on May 8. While the specifics on the Holt family’s case remain under wraps, in Arkansas, orders of protection can last up to 10 years.


More court records indicate Samuel Holt, one of the couple’s sons, made some sort of complaint against his dad on April 20, the day before Bobye’s complaint was filed. Samuel Holt looks to have been granted an order of protection against Jim Holt on May 8 as well.

The Springdale Police Department acknowledged this week that they answered a call involving the Holt family on April 15 but declined to share information about it, saying the investigation remains active.




Jim Holt served in the Arkansas Legislature from 2001 to 2006. He is perhaps best known for sponsoring a failed bill that would have restricted the teaching of evolution in public schools. He also opposed abortion access and government-subsidized health care.

The Holts were longtime friends with the Duggars, attending church together and sharing similar Quiverfull lifestyles that prioritized marriage, children and strict allegiance to a patriarchal authority structure. The Holts’ daughter Kaeleigh was reportedly betrothed to Josh Duggar at one point, but the relationship ended when Josh’s molestation of his sisters came to light.

Years later, Bobye Holt took the stand to testify against Josh Duggar during his trial on child pornography charges, for which he’s now serving a 12.5-year prison sentence.