A photo of the $19K lectern released by the govenror's office.

You know a scandal has legs when it makes the late-night comedy circuit, and Gov. Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ very own “podiumgate” — aka lecterngate — has done just that.

Jimmy Kimmel scored some laughs during his opening monologue Wednesday night when he joked about Sanders’ purchase of a $19,029.25 lectern.


“As far as scandals go, this one is a doozy,” Kimmel said.

As a picture of the curvaceous blue, brown and golden lectern appeared on the TV screen, Kimmel declared, “It is sexy, I have to give you that. It looks like $19,000 well spent. You can buy a town in Arkansas for $19,000.”


Kimmel even gave Sanders’ screen time to show her defending the purchase.

He advised viewers that it’s a Class D felony in Arkansas “to fudge public records” but suggested Sanders was well-equipped to deal with the scandal.


“Please remember seeing her playing fast, loose with facts (when) she was press secretary for Trump,” Kimmel said. “You know that fudging is Sarah’s passion. Some call her the Honorable Fudge Judy in fact.”