The Johnson County Graphic, a weekly newspaper based in Clarksville, published a blank front page Wednesday. “It wasn’t a mistake,” the editor advised readers in a Page 2 editorial titled “The Johnson County Graphic, 1877-2024?”

“It was a demonstration to encourage the community to envision what it would be like if there was no longer a newspaper here to serve Johnson County. Without your help, that could soon become a reality,” the editorial advised readers.


“As of Jan. 1, our managing editor no longer receives a salary,” the editorial said.

The editorial signed by the newspaper staff noted that like many news media outlets, it is adding a donate link to its website. It also encouraged readers to subscribe, advertise and give gift subscriptions even as the paper is raising the cost for the weekly paper from 50 cents to $1 per issue, the first increase since 2001.


“We need to make an extra $11,000 per month to stay afloat and that feels almost insurmountable,” the editorial added.

You can read the full editorial here.






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