THE REASON FOR THE TREASON: For $59.99, you can buy this Christian nationalist Bible and help Donald Trump pay his ever-mounting legal bills.

The rules for the annual White House Easter egg art contest were the same this year as they’ve always been.

This fact got left out of coverage by Fox News, which chose to weaponize the holiest holiday of the Christian faith by accusing the Biden administration of banning religious symbols from art contest entries.


And Arkansas Gov. Sarah Huckabee Sanders jumped aboard the fake news train, spreading a cracked conspiracy theory on social media.

While the right-wingers at The Daily Caller joined Sanders and Fox News in accusing President Biden of stripping the Christianity out of Easter, other media outlets worked to set the record straight. From NBC:


Emily Metz, president and CEO of the American Egg Board, a group that supports the White House Egg Roll, said in a statement, “The American Egg Board has been a supporter of the White House Easter Egg Roll for over 45 years and the guideline language referenced in recent news reports has consistently applied to the board since its founding, across administrations.”

Conservative efforts to crucify Biden this Easter weekend weren’t limited to complaints about the White House egg art contest.

March 31 has been the International Transgender Day of Visibility since 2009. This year, of course, March 31 also happened to be Easter.


Jesus would almost certainly have been cool with sharing his big day with a misunderstood and ostracized group. Isn’t his open-armed welcome of the oppressed one of the reasons we’re still talking about Jesus 2,000 years later?

But cultural conservatives disagree. And so does Donald Trump, whose MAGA-version Bible must be different from the regular version. (His “God Bless the USA Bible” is a $59.99 investment we haven’t made, so can’t say for sure.)


Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee, Sanders’ dad, was among the crowd attacking Biden for being nice to transgender people.

Luckily, the Washington Post stepped up to correct the record after Trump, House Speaker Mike Johnson and other Christian nationalists accused Biden of stealing Jesus’s thunder and blasphemously giving it to the trans community.


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