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The U.S. Supreme Court demands historical context for gun control. Welcome to Arkansas

Believe it or not, Arkansas once set a precedent for gun control.
IT Arkansas job board

Entergy to refund $300 million in Mississippi; Arkansas customers seeking refunds, too

Refunds could be coming to Arkansas, too.

No smoke yet from Arkansas Senate UPDATE

No word today from the Senate on a review of what is believed to be allegations of cheating on expense accounts.

Lawsuit filed in shooting death of Hunter Brittain in Lonoke County

Federal damage suit filed over shooting death in Lonoke County.

Today's news -- COVID and corruption -- and the open line

The bottom line of the news roundup remains the same: Frogmarch Donald Trump!

Jan. 6 committee quote of the day

Frogmarch them all.

COVID today: 1,434 new cases, a big jump in active cases and seven more deaths

The numbers today are not good.

UPDATE: Slain Perry County jail officer identified

Jeremiah Story was killed while booking a drug suspect.

The activist Supreme Court delivers another victory for bad policing

Court strips meaningful remedy for criminal suspects who haven't been informed of their rights.

Damien Echols loses bid for DNA testing of evidence from West Memphis murder investigation. He'll appeal.

The decision will be appealed.

Conservative Supreme Court continues its wreckage of precedent, here in killing a New York gun law

The New York ruling likely means little in Arkansas, already effectively open to guns in almost all settings.

Speculation around secret Senate Ethics Committee meeting suggests per diem abuse

No one is talking as members of a state Senate committee go into their second day of a secret meeting about ethics complaints.

COVID and the courts: Supreme Court weighs a judge's order for vaccinated jurors in UAMS case

Justices send a message to judge about allowing only vaccinated jurors.

Supreme Court rejects suit seeking armed access to Little Rock City Hall by concealed weapon permit holder

Enhanced concealed carry permit holder blocked for now from taking a gun into Little Rock City Hall.

Video: How Jay Dickey changed his mind about gun research

How NRA pointman Jay Dickey came to change his mind about the value of research into gun safety.

Perry County jail officer fatally shot

Suspect apparently shot jailer.

The news roundup and open line

A busy news day, mostly of the not-so-good variety.

The 8th Circuit's attack on free speech in the Arkansas Times ruling today

A documentary filmmaker lays bare the dangerous and sweeping implications of a court ruling protecting Arkansas's law to punish people who won't pledge not to boycott Israel.

COVID today: 812 new cases, two more deaths and a rise in hospitalizations

Today's trend is up.

Man once convicted of murder but later acquitted loses race for county judge

Robert Baysinger, who’d already managed to live down that murder case enough to serve as a justice of the peace, lost to Tony Horton.