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But governor, who will shop at Dillard's when we're dead?

There are a number of reasons Hutchinson and Arkansas Secretary of Health Dr. Nate Smith use to rationalize their lack of action, but their reasoning seems too skewed toward economic health instead of public health.

Arkansas legislature will convene Wednesday; same setup as special session

The Arkansas legislature's budget session WILL begin Wednesday.

Coronavirus: The morning count in Arkansas and assorted outrages

The morning count shows cases in 59 counties. As it happens at least one county listed as without cases is the home of a woman whose mother wrote me last night about her positive diagnosis.

I love y’all, but for the love of God, please stop congregating

Today, in the middle of the worst pandemic in 100 years, a group of 16 runners passed by my car on Markham near the Capitol. They were laughing, having a good time, getting fit — and endangering us all.

Not COVID-19: The strawberries are in

Good news in bad times: Arkansas strawberries are ready for picking.

Not COVID-19: The perilous Pegasus Pipeline

There is a world outside coronavirus. Example 1:  For my money, the best article in the morning Arkansas Democrat-Gazette was the op-ed by Tad Bohannon, chief executive of Central Arkansas Water, on plans afoot to reopen the Pegasus Pipeline, which ruptured and gushed oil in Mayflower seven years ago.

Little Rock's massive effort to feed kids amid the pandemic

Thanks to World Central Kitchen, the Clinton Foundation, the Little Rock School District and a broad coalition of local players, all Little Rock kids have access to free food on a daily basis.

Today's video: The governor plays defense

Today's video: The governor on the defensive.
Mayor Frank Scott Jr.

Mayor sets town hall April 10; also announces efforts to reduce some park crowds

Got a question for Mayor Frank Scott Jr.? Ask it Friday, Apil 10.

National Democrats target 2nd District race by Joyce Elliott

National Democrats will help Joyce Elliott take on Donald Trump supporter French Hill, the incumbent Republican in 2nd District congress.

Coronavirus today: Two more deaths and a defense of the state's policies

Two more deaths and the governor defends not joining other states with a shelter in place order.

State secret in Arkansas: Data on mass layoffs

Mass layoffs in Arkansas? The state won't say.

A second legislator, Vivian Flowers, has tested positive for coronavirus

A second legislator tests positive.

The state revenue report: Meaningless, but FYI

State revenue in March: Who knows what it means?

Buffalo National River closed by virus concerns

The Buffalo National River is closed to all visitors.

The morning coronavirus count

Still rising.

Arkansas, and other southern states, slow on the uptake on staying home

Red states in the South don't seem to be taking as seriously the advice to travel less.

More ideas for state response to coronavirus

The state has begun responding to the virus crisis. But there's more to be done. Some specifics suggested in new report.

Nate Smith on why we aren't sheltering in place

The health department director also talks about the line he must walk between providing information and preventing people from panicking in the face of the pandemic.

Problem: Renewing medical marijuana certificates

Is it a good idea to require people to make a doctor's visit to renew their medical marijuana certificate?