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Clinton Presidential Center closes again Monday

Library stayed open only about a month.

Today's news: Sympathy for Asa

The news today is nearly all COVID and a dash of Little Rock sales tax opposition.

Former judge, now serving prison time, testifies in bribery trial of alleged co-conspirator

Escorted by federal marshals, Maggio entered the courtroom Wednesday in shackles, but at Judge Marshall’s suggestion, they were removed. He wore a black T-shirt and trousers, a gray beard, a black mask, and the same outgoing, chatty personality he was long known for in Conway.

Coronavirus today: Hospital count resumes its climb with 2,544 new cases and 13 more deaths

Up they go.

Governor Hutchinson gets more angry response in Siloam Springs to vaccination sales pitch

Siloam Springs crowd unreceptive to Governor Hutchinson's vaccine pitch. Loudly and angrily unreceptive.

Week in review: misery loves company edition

School starts in two weeks, and the delta variant is going strong. We game out some scenarios.

School district data on COVID resumes; not good

COVID danger in at least 100 school districts.

Ask the Times: What's up with Western Hills Park?

Now that the season is over, I can tell you a little secret, knowing that you will probably have forgotten it by this time next year: the best place to get blackberries in Little Rock is Western Hills Park. You just have to be willing to do the picking.

Campaign begins to defeat Little Rock sales tax proposal

Some big names, including a city director, join in campaign to defeat Little Rock sales tax increase.

Little Rock school superintendent will ask School Board to sue to invalidate ban on local mask mandates

Little Rock schools prepare to force issue on mask mandate ban.
Image of Walmart sign

Walmart resumes masking for employees

Might mask/vax mandates be in order? Some think so, if not the governor of Arkansas.

Nightmare continues for Arkansas parents hoping for masks in schools

The liberty of Arkansans to kill and be killed, whether by gun or by deadly virus, shall not be infringed.

Arkansas congressmen vote to defund police

When it came time to pay the Capitol police (and other House operations) all the Republicans from Arkansas said no.

Hutchinson asks Supreme Court to clear way to uphold law he called unconstitutional

Arkansas won't accept the law of the land on abortion.

Arkansas Heart Hospital to require vaccinations; Conway Regional joining movement, too

It's a safety move, hospital says.

Fact-checking Jake Bequette: Oppo researchers seem to be at work

Unfriendly fire directed at Senate candidate Jake Bequette.

Razorback freshman Moses Moody drafted 14th overall by the Golden State Warriors

University of Arkansas freshman guard Moses Moody, 19, was selected in the 1st round by the Golden State Warriors with the 14th pick of the NBA draft on Thursday night.

The news roundup and open line

It's an emergency, the governor says, but only if the legislature agrees.

Coronavirus today: Governor declares emergency and will convene special session to ask for repeal of mask mandate ban for K-12 schools, but no other specific measures to cope with surge

Legislature will ask a reluctant legislature to meet next week to lift a ban on mask mandates for K-12 schools.

Judge reinstates federal unemployment benefits

Judge orders state to restart truncated federal pandemic unemployment benefits.