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Following the Walton dollars in Louisiana and Arkansas

With billions at play to shape American education to its will, the Walton Family Foundation is, if not constantly in the news itself, often a significant unnamed player in the news.

The arrival of fall open line

Fall and the Hillcrest Harvest Festival. A good way to start an open line.

Officers kill suspect in Pine Bluff chase

A Pine Bluff man was killed during a chase and manhunt by law enforcement officers.

Johnny Key hurries to lower the boom on Little Rock teachers

Johnny Key informs the Little Rock school teachers he now owns them.

Fools names/fools faces/public places: The Mooch and Mike Huckabee Ukraine connection

There's movie in this convergence: Ukrainian influence-peddlers, Anthony Scaramucci and Mike Huckabee.

TGIF: Could things get any worse?

Another big week done, with schools and a tax cheat at the top of the video news roundup.

Charles Zook on LRSD's future and 'billionaire-backed systematic destruction of public education'

Here's the full text of the powerful public comment Charles Zook made before the State Board of Education Oct. 11.

Analysis: State Board isn't returning LRSD to local control

The state has not relinquished control of LRSD, and has no intention to do so. The State Board attempted to deceive the media and the people into believing that there will be a return to local control when there absolutely will not be.

The LRSD Gets Screwed By the State Again Edition

Max and Lindsey discuss the latest on the future of Little Rock schools and the impeachment inquiry into President Trump.

House votes to remove tax cheat Mickey Gates

The Arkansas House will caucus at noon today to vote on a motion to expel a tax cheat, Republican Rep. Mickey Gates of Hot Springs. There's a legal wrinkle.

Medicaid work rule before the appeals court today UPDATE

The federal Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia heard appeals today of lower court rulings striking down work requirements for expanded Medicaid coverage in Arkansas and Kentucky.

Mayor Scott issues statement on attack on Little Rock School District

Mayor Frank Scott Jr. seems to declare victory despite the many defeats suffered Friday by the Little Rock School District at the hands of the state Board of Education.

Article: State real estate purchase will further depress downtown Little Rock market

CoStar News, a national publication that covers commercial real estate, reports that the state of Arkansas's investment of real estate will add to an already weakening real estate market in downtown Little Rock.

The Tom Cotton-Donald Trump mutual admiration society

Tom Cotton was among the adoring fans at another strange Donald Trump rally last night in Minneapolis.

The betrayal of the Little Rock School District. Thank Walton money and Asa Hutchinson

Things don't look any different this morning. Residents and teachers of the Little Rock School District got screwed yesterday in an orchestrated bait and switch by the state Board of Educaiton.

Today's video includes a school sermon

Today's video, posted late, but filmed early I'm sorry to say. Still plenty of school news.

State Board retreats from proposal to divide Little Rock school district, then votes to boot the teachers' union

The state Board of Education retreated from the framework it adopted earlier for the Little Rock School District, but then it voted to oust the Little Rock Education Association as representative of teachers.

Pulaski County goes green: Recycled tires and solar power

Solar power and a new use for recycled tires are part of a Pulaski County effort to improve the environment.

Attorney general sues on-line vaping merchants

The Arkansas attorney general has sued three on-line retailers for selling e-cigarette supplies on-line without proper age verification.

Some things to watch for at today's State Board of Education meeting on the LRSD

All eyes are on the State Board of Education today as it considers the future of the Little Rock School District and whether to end recognition of the Little Rock teachers union.