Celebrity cannabis brands on offer in Arkansas

Flower star power.
IT Arkansas job board

Responsible Growth Arkansas submits more than double required signatures for marijuana amendment

Responsible Growth Arkansas submitted more than 192,000 signatures to the secretary of state on Friday, the most significant step to-date to legalize recreational marijuana in Arkansas. 

A tour of Natural State Medicinals

It's growing season at the Jefferson County medical marijuana cultivator.
Picture of Jennifer Burr, budtender at Natural Relief Dispensary

Arkansas's best budtender

Jennifer Burr of Natural Relief Dispensary is the people’s choice.

Marijuana commission approves Fayetteville dispensary move

More change is coming to the marijuana scene in Fayetteville after state regulators gave their blessing Thursday for one of the city’s dispensaries to move to a newly constructed space in the city. 

A potential earthquake for the Arkansas marijuana industry

Lawsuit challenges legislature’s ability to amend constitutional amendment. 

Adult use marijuana campaign making headway

The industry-backed group trying to legalize recreational marijuana in Arkansas has collected more than 65,000 verified signatures and has spent more than $1 million in its attempt to make the November ballot, according to the group’s most recent financial report.

New strain review: Here Comes the Sun (King OG)

When I opened up my jar of Sun King (I love that Revolution always uses glass jars for its packaging), I was greeted by the unmistakable smell of OG Kush, which is a pungent blend of pine, citrus and diesel fuel, except this strain has an added earthy aroma that is not as prevalent in the original OG Kush.

More than 50,000 Arkansans sign on for recreational marijuana

The industry-backed proposal is more than halfway to the ballot, but rivals pledge opposition.

Fults stops signature push for marijuana amendment, will instead work to defeat industry-backed effort

Arkansas marijuana advocate Melissa Fults has ended her attempt to put a constitutional amendment legalizing recreational marijuana on the ballot this year and, instead, will devote her time to defeating a well-financed amendment supported by the state’s marijuana cultivators. 

A medical marijuana dispensary comes to Eureka Springs, Texarkana dispensary changes hands

North to south, the Arkansas cannabis industry continues to evolve and grow.

Dr. Yes has a Good Day with Biscotti

In addition to all of the new official Cookies strains available at Berner's by Good Day Farm Dispensary, there are also new GDF strains available using Cookies genetics. I have been very impressed with the quality of Cookies strains I have tried so far, but they are priced at a level that not everyone can afford.

The straight dope on delta-8 THC in Arkansas

The intoxicating cousin to marijuana is widely available and free of regulation — for now.

Arkansas marijuana monopolies?

Common ownership of cultivation centers and dispensaries has some crying foul. 

Dr. Yes bananas for Cookies

With the small number of cultivators and dispensaries available in the Arkansas Medical Marijuana program, I always get excited when a new company joins the fray. Cookies, a multi-state cannabis company based in California, has teamed up with Good Day Farm both on its new Chenal Parkway dispensary location in Little Rock, bringing several Cookies signature cannabis strains to the Central Arkansas market.

Good Day Farm dispensary to be known as Berner's by Good Day Farm

West Little Rock’s first dispensary will have a new name at its grand opening event next week after state regulators were officially notified at their Thursday meeting that the store will be branded after a rapper and cannabis entrepreneur. 

Dr. Yes laps up Natural State's Blackwater

If you find yourself in need of some sleepy relaxation, Dr. Yes highly recommends trying Blackwater from Natural State Medicinals.

Insert joke here: The Observer reviews cannabis suppositories

The hole gang bailed, but The Observer persisted to provide you with this review.

Northern Lights Showdown: Good Day Farm vs. Osage Creek

Northern Lights is a longtime celebrity strain in the cannabis world, so it seemed like a good candidate for our first showdown review.

Delta gets Gorilla'd Cheese right

Since I first got my Arkansas medical marijuana card a couple of years ago, I've found that Delta delivers high quality cannabis more consistently than any other cultivator in the program. Although the price is also higher than average, I am rarely left with a case of buyer's remorse.