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TL5Y and others

Things I must go see soon: The Last Five Years at The Weekend Theater, Endgame at UALR Theater, Lonely Planet and Rabbit Hole and CTLR's To Kill A Mockingbird... lots of theater happen, y'all...

Alltel Arena?

So now that Verizon has become the Godzilla of American Cellphonery, what's going to happen to Alltel Arena?  Will Verizon keep the sponsorship tie-in, will someone else step up and buy it or will it retain the Alltel name (which I'm sure it can't after the deal is up as the name is now property of Verizon, right?)

What? Racist Seat Belts?

Yeah, I'm back, thanks for kicking the corpse, still alive... Ummm, what the F?

Play it again, Buddy

It is with a heavy heart and soul that I pass along the news that my dear friend and one of the most talented individuals I will ever have the pleasure of knowing has left us.  Chadwig "Buddy" Habig passed away last night and the world will be a little dimmer, a little sadder and a lot less musical.  I will miss him.  You're the tops, Buddy, play it again, and this time with a bumpy C!

Tis NOT the Season...

Okay, people, seriously, I know, I haven't been around much lately, I've been in a creative slump, sue me.  That being said, it's the "holiday season" once again, and once again everyone has lost their damn minds.

I can smell the change in the air..

Sweet, sweet, sweet hell!  My original post just got deleted thanks to my SUPER SWEET internet setup at work, which is the worst.  I don't have tabbed browsing if that tells you what we're working with.  Not to mention the "brain trust" I'm surrounded by...

Are You Freaking Kidding Me Guys?

Okay, so apparently the new cool thing for kids to do is called "Dusting".  Basically, and you can read more below from the email I got or from the Snopes.com entry here, basically people inhale this compressed gas and get dizzy for about 10 seconds and that's the high.  The dizziness stems from the propellant, which is heavier than air, keeping oxygen out of your lungs and depriving your brain and the rest of your body of oxygen...

Mad Men and 30 Rock, all up in some Emmys

Mad Men wins!  Mad Men wins the Emmy for best drama! YAY!

Hurricane in Arkansas? Wait, what?

Global Warming Exists.  Period. Unless you are a complete psychotic-nutcase homeschooling you children to believe that God intended the polar bear to die and it's the Lord's divine will to melt the ice caps, you have got to start paying attention to global warming.  Why?

"Oh, my gosh!" girls

Ladies, ladies, ladies, please, will you stop with the fake, "oh my gosh" girl personality?  If I have to listen to another introduction between two perfectly intelligent, perfectly business oriented women that goes like this: "HAAAAAAAAAY!

Harvard Employing God?

So, if you'll read this entry about a Harvard Med. School scientist who is creating a new form of life, (from Wired.com) you will understand the title of this post.

Chrome, anyone?

So, Google, the company that is slowly but surely taking over the world, has released the beta version of their own web browser, called Chrome.  Check it out by going here: