As I stated sometime in the past, I would be throwing in some musings and maulings of the local live entertainment scene, specifically theater, etc.  I’ll leave the bands to those who are more informed than I… though the Oxford Amercian’s 8th Music Issue is out this week and comes with a cd of rocking, off the beaten path musicians, check it if you want to hear some underground Southern Sounds.

On to theater!

The Second City improv troupe closed out another tour stop at the REP this weekend.  Mr. Ricky went a few nights back and had a blast.  The success of the Second City tour stops are always the individual casts, some years they’re great and some years they’re not so great.  This year’s cast was good and the almost sold out house had a raucus time.  For those of you who missed the Second City tour this year, shame on you, we expect another great show in fall 2007…..




The Weekend Theater continues an ambitious and exciting season with their upcoming schedule:

Marigolds’ Final Performances are this weekend, Friday and Saturday @ 7:30PM. Did everyone have to read this in school?  Watch out, there is some “actual indoor smoking” on stage, don’t go throwin a fit, its part of the show, not Cigarette Speakeasy.

I Am My Own Wife, which won a Pulitzer Prize and several Tonys in 2004, will have a one night stand featuring Little Rock veteran actor, Allan Douglas.  There are 84 seats, they will be gone soon, start dialing.  Mr. Ricky made reservations last week, I suggest you do the same.

And Coming Up in November, Richard Greenberg’s Take Me Out, followed by Wendy Wasserstein’s American Daughter and West Side Story.  Geesh, call 374-7601 and get down to The Weekend Theater at 7th and Chester this fall, its gonna be a good one.




 – Community Theater of Little Rock is getting ready to put Sweet Charity (October 20, 21, 22, 27, 28 and 29 ) up on the stage over at Woolly Theatre located at the Arkansas School for the Blind.  Mr. Ricky isn’t familiar with this show, but I’ve been told its gonna be a good time.  The revival is currently playing on Broadway, so if you’re in the mood for a musical, For more information call 663-9494 or email




–  The Red Octopus Theater Co. is at it again with their new Halloween sketch comedy show, Wooo..Pig! Zombie!.  Details are sketchy(I had to, I just had to), but the show opens next Monday at the EZ Street Piano bar on 7th and Center streets, with a Starving Artists night and runs each night, October 16 – 21st.  Admission is $10, $8 for anyone in costume.  Doors open at 7PM and the show starts at 8PM.  For more information contact EZ Street Piano Bar at 501-372-3530.


Hollywood and Broadway on Main! (10/19/2006 – 10/29/2006) – is coming to the Arkansas REP, cast full of young kids from around the state who participated in the REP’s summer programs.  Normally, this kind of revue filler for a theater wouldn’t seem that exciting, but I’m optimistic about this show.  First of all, how cool is it for these kids to do a show on that stage for week?  Also, the director/ choreographer, Nicole Capri, is great and this show will be far more than the typical recital fare.  Call 501-378-0405 for tickets and more information.



People, there is tons of live entertainment to see in this town, get out there and take advantage!  There is nothing quite like sharing a performance with the actors and the rest of the audience, they’ve invented Tivo, use it. For all the live theater information you could want, see the Arkanasas Times Theater Section.

Confidentially, I’ll get back to you on how these were, – Mr. Ricky



*PS:  This is the musings of Mr. Ricky and Central Arkansas Confidential, the views expressed here do not represent those of the Arkansas Times or its theater reviewers, so there, take that for what it’s worth. All flyer art was supplied from the theaters or from show’s marketing materials on their website, please contact with any concerns or inquiries, confidentially of course.