Mr. Ricky never seems to have enough time.  This weekend being no different as it was run, run, run.  I did have a chance to see The Weekend Theater’s production of The Effects of Gamma Rays on Man-in-the-Moon Marigolds and it was pretty good.  The cast was great, but Amanda Taylor as the science fair competitor that boils the flesh off a cat and rebuilds the skeleton for her entry stole the show with a mere 2 minutes.  While the acting all around was superb, the show is set in a time when the nuclear age was just beginning and some of the parallels it tries to draw between the wonder of the atom and the lives of the characters is lost on a twenty-first century audience.  

     The show was sold out for its’ final performance and the rest of this upcoming season should see full houses.  Remember, make your reservations early, this weekend I Am My Own Wife will have a one-night performance on Saturday.  501-374-7601 for reservations, for details on everything happening at The Weekend Theater.

     I was invited, but didn’t go, to hangout at “Deep” in the Rivermarket, apparently some kind of basement club underneath Willie D’s.  What is the problem with Little Rock?  Are we trying to be some small, non-celebrity ridden, blue jeans and an untucked dress shirt version of some big metropolis?  What happened to bars named, “Rosco’s”, “Johnson’s”, “Little Rock Brew Pub”?  I mean we have “Deep” now and “Nu”, I’m waiting for “?” or “@” (which there is a place in NYC called just “@”, they have text messaging or something between tables, because why get up and talk to someone?).  Little Rock is becoming too pretentious for its own good.  I keep seeing ads for $300 pairs of blue jeans and $95 T-shirts “just like Angelina wore” and I’m thinking to myself, really?  You do realize all of you were the people with bowl cuts and polo shirts on six years ago, right?  This is why I can’t go down to those place, I look around and think, if I’m going to pay $8 for a drink, I don’t think I should have to put up with the constant, “These are Mongolian denim, feel them, they’re ultra soft.”  Dude, I’m not touching your jeans, while you’re in them, at a bar, seriously.

     I did make it by Cajuns and does anyone remember when that place was packed every night with people under 35?  The last few times I’ve been there its parents and divorcees with college aged kids doing what I can only assume is dancing.  While it looks more like a tribal solstice celebration or the “hippie spin”, they look like they’re having fun, so I guess, you go, old dude, with two cellphone holsters, and a chain wallet… you go.


     Also this weekend, I came to the conclusion that I’m going to have to give up some shows.  I just don’t have the time to watch them and still not being a part of the “DVR” revolution, I have filled up all my programming on the ye ole VCR.  I wish the following shows all the best; I’ll to catch you on DVD:

Sons & Daughters


Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip

Nip/Tuck (I’ll catch it in reruns though)

6o or ER  (on the fence still)


     And finally, this weekend, my fantasy football team went down in flames as every player on my team decided to be craptastic and drop below their averages, meanwhile my new defense, which was rated in the top 10, decided to get 30 points hung on them.  Having Sean Alexander out with an injury didn’t help much, so now I fall to 3-3, with little hope of climbing back to the upper echelons…. curses!

     Well, that’s all my ranting for now, though I did hear on the “Heather and DC” show this morning during their “Redneck” portion of the show that the most redneck think one listener had heard of was “One guy, two sisters, two babies – Sister-cousins”.  Wow.

Confidentially trying to get back in a blog groove, Mr. Ricky.

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