Well, while waiting in-line for the movies yesterday, I was reading the “News of the Weird” on my cell phone, which is really addictive, this news in the palm of your hand thing.  Anywho, there was a story about the mayor’s race in Waldenburg, AR, population 80.

This story has been picked up off the AP and popping up everywhere across the nation – Click Here for CNN.com version 

Apparently Randy Wooten, local bar owner and mayoral candidate didn’t receive any votes, which seemed odd to his wife when she checked on the results.  So she asked him if he had voted for himself, and he said yes, and the rest is scandal in Waldenburg!  The race will have a run off, each of the top contenders receiving 28 votes.  Thus, Randy Wooten, who is still deciding if he will lodge a formal protest, could also be the swing vote in the runoffs… who wields the power now, mooohahahahahaha!

For those of you wondering, Waldenburg is a hop-skip-and a jump from Jonesboro, SSW as the crow flies.  For more on Waldenburg, check out it’s Wiki Entry.

I’m really surprised this hasn’t show up on the Arkansas Blog… has Mr. Ricky scooped everyone?  Victory is mine!