Odds and ends on this Thanksgiving week:

Riverdale 10 Cinema will be showing Polar Express all day, Thursday, Thanksgiving Day, for FREE!  Now Mr. Ricky does not yet have the pleasure of little Rickys and Rickelettes pitter-pattering around the hizzie, but if he did, he would take them.  See their website by clicking the logo above.


Borat – he’s made the funniest movie of the year, probably of the decade (There’s already Oscar hype from the Chicago Tribune of all places).  If you haven’t seen it, gypsy, do not be frightened, go now, very nice, yes?  Now there has been some backlash, especially people trying to say he’s being racist or something.  No, the people in the film, who knew they were on camera, were being racist; he merely gave them a stage to make a fool of themselves.   If I give you nothing else, my people, remember this:  Don’t do anything on camera you don’t want your mother see on YouTube!

Turkey Day!  I can’t wait, stuffing and dressing, turkey as far as the eye can see, green bean casserole, apple pie and football, I love it! 

Nuff said…


Bridge to Teribithia – The Movie!That’s right, I said it, Bridge to Terabithia the Movie, February 16, 2007.  This was the Harry Potter of the summer before my third grade year.  I have to reread it soon.  I don’t remember a ton of the details, but I do remember how it broke something open in my head and I could make up these entire worlds in my mind.  I think it reinforces how great it is to be a kid with an imagination, not stuck behind a controller or a mouse.  I’m positive my parents thought I was “touched” or something running around in the backyard fighting the Empire, or Orcs, or Skeletor or Cobra.  Kids don’t do that as much these days, they let some 30 year old programmer create a world for them, and that’s a little sad.  But  I can’t wait, I can’t wait, I can’t wait, I hope it doesn’t suck.  I had a bridge in my backyard into the woods, I made my Dad help me make one that was safe and didn’t have exposed nails, it was the bomb.  It was.  Back off.


Theater, Theater, Theater – I will do in a separate post in the nearish future. Lots of stuff coming up, King and I, American Daughter, Red Octopus Pagans on Bobsleds XV, Frog and Toad…. tons, later, promise.

Holiday shopping season is upon us – pity those who work in retail, for the end is nigh.


Well, I’ve run out of steam, but check, check, check that stuff out and don’t forget:
Heroes – Mondays – 8PM – NBC
Friday Night Lights – Tuesdays – 7PM – NBC
NIP/TUCK – Tuesdays – 9PM – FX
LOST (currently on “winter break” so lame) – Wednesdays – 8PM – ABC
The Office, 30 Rock, ER – Thursdays starting at 7:00 – NBC
Ugly Betty, Grey’s Anatomy – Thursdays – starting at 7:00 – ABC
*There is too much goodness on Thursdays, you must record something
Battlestar Galactica – Fridays – 9PM – Sci-Fi

I suppose you could watch Jericho if you have time on Wednesdays now that LOST is on hiatus, Sundays is a free for all, I’m a Desperate Housewives, flip to Family Guy, Sons and Daughters person, but do your own thing.

Until we blog again, keep it on the confidential, Mr. Ricky