1.  Movabletype interface –  does someone know something I don’t, it takes forever for it to load and stuff and I don’t get the cut and paste thing, is there some kind of guide I should read?

2.  U of A Football talk –  I just can’t take anymore of it, everyday there’s some new announcement.  Until you announce Broyles has finally retired been excised, please quit telling me every time Mitch Mustain goes to the cafeteria or Peyton Hillis calls his parents… 2 games, 2 games from a National Championship… 2…. probably…..still a BCS, top ten ranking easy…

3.  Office woman – the woman who refuses to let me turn the muzak off in the office.  She really enjoys it…. freak….right now it’s, “I will always love you”, done as an instrumental light jazz arrangement… oh, by the way, the Dolly Parton version… who makes this crap?  I have John Legend blaring from my computer speakers in passive agressive protest.

4.  Mike Huckabee.  I wish he would crawl under the rock of some glorified position with the Rep. party or the SB convention and leave us alone.  What a crooked little man.  If he were elected President, I’d have to move overseas, no really, I would, it would be Central London Confidential… wait… I like that… anyone want to sponsor my new life in the UK? No? worth a shot…


5.  Taxes –  Not paying them, just remembering about them. Assessing?  What is that?  My parents told me I needed to assess and I know that, but why can’t I get an email reminder? [sigh]

6.  American Idol showing four people who can sing and seventy-three people who have lost their damn minds.  And then having them all sing the same song to make a freak-show montage that’s obviously set up.  Audition shows used to be the best, now they’re just the worst.  [But that boy from Bryant could blow, even if he looks like a 60’s Cuban Revolutionary.  Word around the campfire is he’s a substitute teacher in Bryant schools and ministers to the homeless.  I guess that sorta explains “the look”.  He’s my horse, if he makes the show, I’ll be voting for him, I won’t be watching cause that’s LOST, but I’ll vote, I like his panache.  Good luck to him.]

7.  Not having spell check on Movable.  How do I get this, someone help me, I can’t live like this anymore and I have no Google toolbar on the work machine, which is also something I’m sick of.

8.  The state of the Union address (which I just typed Onion, which made me laugh) – [arg!] first of all, W. is just not a speaker, he should have emailed it to the country.  Then the Democrats get a rebuttal, more snooze.  Then every news agency in the world has to have analysis, of a speech, in which everything he said would be offered in more detail next week.  I wish he would resign.  I do.  He should.  It’s embarassing that we allowed him to have 8 years because he started a WAR the year before his re-election… hmmmm…. Huck is taking notes no doubt….

9. Lists of ten things… except Letterman’s his are good….



Okay, I had to rant and I have like nine tv blogs in a row, changing it up…

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