Frank Broyles to Retire (Forcibly!)

Oh, dear baby Jesus, sweet 8lb 6oz. baby Jesus, please thank your Father for answering my prayers and finally doing away with the “white-haired devil”, so say Nolan, so say only Nolan.  Oh how I have sent my prayers to be delivered from good-ol-boy, wink and a handshake, snake-oil salesmanship at the University of Arkansas, and now, it looks as if I have.  Thank you Lord.

 [Yes, I know Broyles has much to do with bringing the U of A into the big time in the collegiate sports world.  I also know the way in which he did it was akin to a third world dictatorship, but better funded.  If you don’t believe there were and are racial tensions under his leadership, I have a bar in the middle of Harding University I’ll sell ya for a real good price. This is ten years overdue (his retiring, not this blog, this blog was never due, it’s extra credit) and in light of recent events exactly the way he should go out, covered in controversy saying nothings wrong.  He doesn’t have a son or a brother or something to replace him right?  This isn’t going to be Cuba or something, right?]

After the recent events fo All My Hoggies up there on “the Hill” (I hate using that term, the Hill, like it’s on one huge solitary mountain or something, technically, it’s The Hills, right, but MTV took that name already, I digress) it doesn’t surprise me that the rumor mill is turning up that this may be a forcible retirement instead of firing him, out of respect for his service, blahblahblah.  Whatever is happening up there and is happening was on his watch and he probably doesn’t deserve the year of tributes everyone and their mother is going to role out for him.  Homecoming will be retarded, they’ll probably paint his face on the fiield.  Hmmm, I wonder what they’ll name for him.  Can’t rename the field, Reynolds paid too much money for it, we’ll see.  Hmmm, can we forcibly retire some other people? 

Also, kudos to the Times for breaking the story, I love to see that Arkansas Times sports department at work!  ADG, Wally, a little embarassing…just a little….||, like that much?

PS:  Channel four was all over, he’s retiring, but he’s so great.  They had a mini-retrospective on last night, I mean it’s not even confirmed, confirmed, Broyles has said anything and they are already doing the eulogy.  What is going on over there, much like a morning radio personality said today, they’ve turned into the Entertainment Tonight of local reporting. 



Also, while blogging this, I was reading reader comments, etc.  There are two schools of opinion. 1.  Good Riddence and 2. No, tell them to stick, he’s our demi-god, we’ll keep him.  I don’t think anyone is saying he wasn’t good for the program, but in the last decade it’s gotten ridiculous up there.  And this isn’t just because of the recent football controversies; there’s the whole basketball program fiasco before that; and the loss of football game in Little Rock (not to mention basketball games)… no, I’m not gonna do it.  He’s going, let’s just agree to disagree.  Godspeed.