So I’m driving home, through rush hour, listening to 103.7, The Buzz, and their “Drive Time Sports” and some d-bag caller goes into a rant about the promo for Britney Spears on How I Met Your Mother that ran during the NCAA tourney games.  The caller was hugely offended by this promo and though that the young impressionable children watching these games shouldn’t be subjected to that kind of filth.

The objectionable part of the promo, which was cuts from the actual episode, which I watched last night and found not only to be funny but not offensive at all, is toward the end of the episode where Spears’ character, who is a somewhat needy, crazed receptionist is talking to Neil Patrick Harris’ character Barney, the masogonistic side-kick of the show.  Barney is trying to lure Spears’ character back to his hotel room before taking her on a date so the can “do it”.  Spears response to Barany’s “my bed was broken and I want to make sure they go it fixed” was “can we have sex on it and then go shopping?”.  In a wacky, crazy, ditzy, Britney-esque way.

There was no flesh flashin, no touching, I mean nothing that I was like, oh my God, there goes the entire generation.  First of all I’m going to say the NCAA tournament is not the most watched program by kids under 15.  I’m going to say their fathers are watching it for the most part.  I’m also going to say that these parents are obviously not feeling responsible to monitor their children’s media intake.  CBS isn’t here to make sure your kids are brought up in whatever way you want to bring them up.  CBS is there to provide a product, if you don’t like it, turn it off.

The caller and the hosts actually agreed that “those executives up in New York at CBS don’t have the same values as we do in the Bible Belt…”  Well thank the Lord for that or apparently television would be nothing but Walton’s spin offs and How to catch a predator re-runs.  You have to raise your kids, CBS and Britney Spears are not going to make your son run out and have sex with his girlfriend in the back of the Camry.  Quit blaming big, faceless company’s for your lack of interest in raising your kids.  It’s insane to think that they’re up in some office in NYC going, “hmmmm, how can we make little kids have the sex?” 


That show and that promo are nothing compared to what your kids get on the Internet, from their friends and from your 30 movie channels off your premium satellite package.  If you think for one minute that Spears appearance on that show is what pushes your kid into makin love before their married, you are crazy than Britney is.  It’s a commercial for a show, come on.  And what the hell is Drive Time Sports piping up about it for anyway, why don’t you try talking about sports and not how good the hot dog at Alltel was or how offensive the CBS commercials were. 

Fist…shake….ah! you make me so angry!  Raise your damn kids, you had them, take care of them.  Ridiculous. – Mr. Rickey