Fayetteville residents have a choice to make

Last month, the Arkansas Justice Collective, led by immigration attorney Stephen Coger, released a report outlining the increased prosecutions of marijuana in Fayetteville and the racial disparities in the policing, especially by the local drug task force.

It's time for civics education reform

There is little doubt that efforts to better educate students about the workings of the government and how to be an effective, engaged citizen have been sharply deprioritized across the country.

Beach books

The Observer was a weird little shit who has since grown into a weird old fart, and for several years there in our teens and 20s, serial killers happened to be one of the things in which we were interested — the real-life equivalent of the monsters that haunt the darkest fairy tales, and maybe even the original, unspeakable inspiration for the Big Bad Wolf and Rumpelstiltskin, the Wicked Queen and the Boogeyman, and all the other baddies that lurk in the darkness of closets and under kids’ beds when mom and dad say goodnight and the lights go out.

A compromised Arkansas Supreme Court

Like its federal counterpart, the Arkansas Supreme Court has had a run of ill fortune lately, at least by the lights of founding fathers like Alexander Hamilton, who said public confidence that judges were impartial and free of partisan influence would be vital to preserving the democratic experiment.
Picture of Joe Biden onstage

Racial past, racial present

Congressional hearings regarding reparations for the descendants of enslaved Americans, a Supreme Court decision that emphatically reminds us of racism’s permeation of our criminal justice system and Joe Biden’s fond remembrance of his years of Senate service with segregationists all converged last week, which marked the 154th anniversary of Juneteenth.

Impeach to teach

Do you suppose it’s possible that deep in the Stygian recesses of his mind, President Trump actually wants to be impeached?

'Spying' on Trump

Riddle me this: Exactly how did the Deep State, anti-Trump conspirators in the FBI and CIA, persuade Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort to hand over sensitive internal polling data to a Russian spy?

Messing with the SATs

I’ve always found the recurring spasms of anxiety and outrage that accompany the College Board’s every adjustment in what used to be called the “Scholastic Aptitude Test” to be overblown and unpersuasive.

Arkansas's moderate millennials

We rarely get a deep dive into the thinking of any generation of the state’s voters, much less this generation that will shape the future of Arkansas politics following an era of dramatic political change in the state. But a new Hendrix College/Talk Business & Politics survey designed and analyzed by four Hendrix students from said generation does just that.

Equal education in peril in Arkansas

It's about race, still.

Trump, 'treason,' and the abuse of power

Trump's allegation of Justice Department treason is nonsensical.

Climate change: A matter of geophysics, not belief

A week after the fact, I had to force myself to go back and read The New York Times report on climate change: “Humans Are Speeding Extinction and Altering the Natural World at an ‘Unprecedented’ Pace,” which documents nothing less than the destruction of creation as we know it.