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John Evans Band is more than simply rock

Ask members of the John Evans Band what kind of music they play and they’ll retort that it’s “just rock ’n’ roll.” But that’s not an entirely adequate description of the Austin-based, country-tinged, eclectically voiced group playing the White Water Taver

Bruce James Calls the Hogs, Nov. 30

No. 8 Arkansas (10-2 overall, 7-1 in SEC) vs. No. 4 Florida (11-1 overall, 7-1 in SEC): Arkansas will try to offset some of Florida’s speed and quickness on defense with a shorter passing games, screen passes, and running the football consistently.

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Bruce James Calls the Hogs, Nov. 23

I don’t have a great feeling about Arkansas winning the football game.

Bruce James calls the Hogs, Nov. 16

Last Saturday's game against Tennessee was the most consistent offensively and defensively that Arkansas has played in at least 15 years.

Bruce James Calls the Hogs, Nov. 9

Arkansas has everything to play for — we’re at home, it’s a big televised game.

Bruce James Calls the Hogs, Nov. 2

This is the toughest call on a game since I’ve been picking them in these pages. I can find as many reasons why Arkansas could win as I can that South Carolina will win.

Bruce James Calls the Hogs, Oct. 26

Playing Louisiana-Monroe is a tiny step up from playing Southeast Missouri.

Bruce James Calls the Hogs

Of Ole Miss’ 22 starters, 15 players are new on campus this fall, and because of that they’ve been extremely inconsistent and have played like they don’t know each other or what they doing.

Bruce James Calls the Hogs, Oct. 12

The game against Auburn was secured when the Razorbacks came out at the start of the second half leading 17-10, starting on their own 20, in front of a hostile crowd, and drove it out to the 50 and flipped the field.

Bruce James calls the Hogs

Arkansas vs. Auburn

Bruce James Calls the Hogs, Sept. 21

Bruce James Calls the Hogs

Vanderbilt is a very dangerous ball club, and if Arkansas should go on the road and lose, it will be devastating to the team, to say the least.

Just the facts, fans

J.R. and Henry say: It’s unfortunate for Arkansas head football coach Houston Nutt that he can’t close games to the public like he’s fond of doing for practices. Then maybe Razorback fans could continue to be deluded into thinking Nutt is building a natio

Bruce James Calls the Hogs Sept. 7

You’re fixing to see 450 yards of passing offense, a QB throw four touchdown passes, a couple of running backs each get 100 yards, all against a team that got five first downs against Wyoming.

Bruce James calls the Hogs

Bruce James calls the Hogs

It's LSU to finish.

Bruce James Calls the Hogs, Nov. 17

Arkansas should win fairly easily against Mississippi State.

Bruce James calls the Hogs

Ole Miss has to have the ugliest offense in America.

Bruce James calls the Hogs

Bruce James says the Hogs are due for a win and South Carolina will be the loser.

Bruce James calls the Hogs

The Hogs go down again, Bruce predicts.