History, look out

Who wouldn’t want to watch Sarah Palin put her refudiation hold on Michele Bachmann? The latest Republican presidential primary will be scary for sure — they all are — but this one may be scary in an entertaining way, “Mama Grizzly v. Mad Michie.” Bachmann just got through confusing John Wayne with John Wayne Gacy, the multiple murderer from her hometown (and if Bachmann is elected president, Gacy will be only the second-worst thing to come out of Waterloo, Iowa.), and identifying John Quincy Adams as one of the Founding Fathers, or was that John Gacy Adams? Palin is equally addled. In her version of American history, Paul Revere rides out to warn the British that the Americans are here, and the Founding Fathers, whoever they are, recite the Pledge of Allegiance.


Ronald Reagan didn’t know Grover Cleveland the president from Grover Cleveland Alexander the pitcher, even though he’d played the latter in a movie. In the heat of competition, Bachmann and Palin can beat that, we imagine. Moderator: Why do we revere Abraham Lincoln? Bachmann: He made an expensive car for Republicans to drive. Palin: And he drove it to warn the British they were on the wrong side of the road. These will be debates worth watching.

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