Ernest Dumas

Trump conspiracies

The former president might be history, but the hoaxes he promoted won’t die easily.
IT Arkansas job board

The Huckabee legacy

Sarah Huckabee Sanders has given few hints how she’ll govern if elected. Looking at her father’s time as governor might provide a clue. 

The heyday of Arkansas Loan and ‘Theft’

A long-running symbol of corruption.

A point of no return: An end to income tax in Arkansas would be permanent

The state constitution's Amendment 19 requires that three-fourths of the legislature approve tax on income. A minority of lawmakers voting no would mean an end to such revenue.

Psychopath Trump

The January 6 hearings laid the truth bare.

Joe, the one-man terrorist band 

He earned notoriety from his Sharp Citizen newspaper.

Donald Trump’s corrupt legacy

He's the worst.

Trump and Putin

For whatever solace it might offer, one positive from Vladimir Putin’s genocide and plunder of Ukraine is that we no longer have to wait in ignorance for some future revelation — perhaps from a source such as, let’s say, the Kremlin archives in 2052 — of what lay behind the strange and now nearly decade-old partnership of the little dictator and the future leader of the free world. 

A cycle of presidential malfeasance

Trump is part of a tradition.

Tax cut fallacies in Arkansas

Governor Hutchinson and the Arkansas legislature push forward another massive giveaway to the rich.

The age of ignorance

Where paranoia flourishes.
picture of former Arkansas Gov. Orval Faubus withWayne, Delia and Linda Cude. Their father refused to vaccinate them.

Yes, Arkansas can (and does) require vaccinations

The modern perils of Archie Cude. 

Critical Greed Theory in Arkansas

Past experience be damned, Arkansas Republicans plan to slash income taxes.
picture of statue of J. William Fulbright at the University of Arkansas campus

Memorializing Fulbright

Consider the whole of his career.

Messages to JFK from the Faubus clan reveal a house divided

The saga of Bonnie and Jack.

The assault on voting rights

In service of Trump's lies.

The party of voter suppression

Limiting democracy is the goal of Republicans in Arkansas and beyond.

The origins of the Jan. 6 insurrection

We’ve known of the threats of domestic terrorism for three decades.

The future of the cult Trump created

On Nov. 3, 2016, we answered, affirmatively, the question of whether a modern democratic republic like the United States could actually choose a psychopath as the head of the government, as Germany had in 1933 when it installed Adolf Hitler as chancellor.

The cult of Trump

That was some scary business the week after the presidential election and beyond in many parts of the country, including our tranquil little state. It was a level of hate and ferocity not experienced in American or local politics in a lifetime.