UA cozy with D-G columnist

An interesting element of the ongoing story of budget problems in the University of Arkansas Advancement Division has been a divide in outlook in the pages of the state's dominant news medium, the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette.
IT Arkansas job board

Democrat-Gazette covers one of its own in story of reporter Cathy Frye's rescue

The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette's reports on the rescue of its reporter Cathy Frye, who was missing for days in the hot scrubby desert that is Big Bend Ranch State Park, are gripping.

Hodge shares his OA vision

Roger Hodge, the new editor of Oxford American magazine, talked about his rise at Harper's, his writing philosophy and his plans for the OA before a full crowd last Wednesday at the Clinton School.

Democracy goes electric

An online experiment in governance.

Nonprofits paying reporters

It's a new news game.

Democrat-Gazette's Smith calls it quits

Arkansas Democrat-Gazette Executive Editor Griffin Smith stepped down from his position suddenly and mysteriously on Monday.

Smith leaves, restaurants lose

KATV mainstay Pamela Smith is leaving the station at the end of the month to become the Little Rock School District's director of communications. As weekend anchor for more than a decade, she's been a familiar face to KATV viewers, who'll no doubt miss her steadiness. But one group in particular that's bound to be especially bummed by Smith's departure? Restaurant owners.

Somebody's watching me

On March 1 Google updated its privacy policy. Previously, it had more than 70 policies for its various services — Chrome, Gmail, Google+, Picasa, YouTube, etc. The new policy covers nearly all Google properties.

DOGin' the VA

With the Republican primary occupying most of the national news cycle and the state fiscal session, despite Minority Leader John Burris' best efforts, a bore, maybe Paul Greenberg and co. grew restless and simply couldn't hold the bile inside anymore. How else to explain the Democrat-Gazette editorial page's hysterical opposition to the Department of Veteran Affairs plans to open an expanded veterans service center on Main Street?

Comcast eyes digital divide

Last August, Comcast introduced Internet Essentials, a program Comcast executive vice president David L. Cohen said would "help level the playing field for low-income families."

On trolls and flame wars

The thorny world of online comments.

Future feels fine

I read a lot of news media prognostication. So I'm well versed in the doomsday scenarios that imagine print's imminent death; that predict an ever-escalating contraction of whatever you call newspapers once print is dead; that tell me, in so many words, that I've made a bad career choice. Nonetheless, I'm hopeful.

SOPA spells Internet ignorance

SOPA is likely to stifle Web innovation in the name of fighting internet piracy.

The Oxford American expands beyond print

In its new Main Street home in Little Rock, the magazine and non-profit plans to continue the type of programming and events it has hosted throughout the South in recent years.

The next Brummett not waiting in the wings

I'm no John Brummett. Max Brantley, Ernie Dumas, Bob Lancaster, Paul Greenberg, Doug Smith or Gene Lyons either. All have strong voices and deep institutional knowledge. I have neither.

The Dem-Gaz's failed quest for objectivity

Last week, in a column on the Democrat-Gazette's Voices page, deputy editor Frank Fellone offered a logical fallacy posing as an affirmation of a core journalistic value: He argued that the newsgathering part of the paper is unbiased.

Going to the dark side

Local journalists move to PR, naturally.

The media cover one of their own

Local celebrity angle trumps all.

Media coverage of wrongful convictions shows distinct pattern

West Memphis Three reporting just one example.

Obama's first two years

Fayetteville profs edit book on change, continuity.