When is it appropriate to use race in crime reporting?

The Arkansas-Democrat Gazette uses racial information in its crime reporting. According to deputy editor Frank Fellone, the newspaper has used race in its "Police Beat" column "for years and years." The newsroom standard, according to Fellone, is "to use all available information provided by the police."

Behind the demise of Blue Hog

Matt Campbell and Jeff Woodmansee, creators and coauthors of the progressive blog Blue Hog Report, were making waves. Big ones. That's exactly why the state Republican Party tried to shut them down.

We don't like local news

And there's not much of it out there, either

Following Arkansas Business

Arkansas Business published a story last week extolling its masterful use of the social networking service Twitter in a journalistic "nanny nanny boo boo" of sorts.

Digging through the archives

Facebook page reunites former Arkansas reporters.

Forbidden Hillcrest to expand

New sister site to cover crime.

With your help, we will get through this

Our small newsroom has been working tirelessly to report on the latest coronavirus developments along with all the other news that matters. Please support us with a cash gift.

The fine line between effective and annoying

Did Arkansas Cash for Gold hit advertising, well, gold?

Streaming the Senate

House video was a success. Will the Senate follow?

Start me up

Kickstarter gives artists a shot in the arm, maybe.

Laman enters wild world of eBooks

CALS expanding offerings into the digital world.

An alternative news outlet in Conway

The Conway Post site a good test for smaller markets.

Local filmmakers take on an electric co-op

Terrell Case, Tim Wistrand and Corey Gattin document battle between Carroll Electric Co-op and its members.

In the middle of it

Local site offers first-hand account of Egyptian protests.

Conflicting messages

State holiday causes a stir.

KABF moves forward, slowly

Recent changes too little, too late?

New tune at Laman

Music's not a loan, but yours to own, free from library.

Hicks like you

This season is full of shallow, quick and meaningless television messages from any number of politicians--all predicated on the notion that you're so gullible, naive or stupid that you'll believe them.

Rapping for Keet

A campaign video goes viral.

Easy streaming

Twitter is so last year., a live-streaming smartphone app, allows users to broadcast instantly from anywhere.

Cap what?

The splintering of a local start-up.