Warwick Sabin

Trickle-up theory

Through thick and thin, there has always been one group of dedicated Americans whose support for President George W. Bush has been unwavering: The wealthy.
IT Arkansas job board

Time to go

Tough questions face us in Iraq and it's time to confront them directly.

Plugged in

One reason why the South remained solidly Democratic during the mid-20th century was the enduring gratitude to President Franklin D. Roosevelt, who brought electricity to the poor, rural parts of the region. According to one historical account, “Althou

Park and ride

I found myself in an unusual place around 5 p.m. on a recent weekday: On Cantrell Road, west of Mississippi Street, driving toward downtown. Normally I would be headed in the opposite direction, sitting in the slow-moving traffic and unaware of how f

Opposites attract

The formal coalitions in the Arkansas Senate — the “Brotherhood” versus the “Otherhood” — are well-documented. More interesting, however, are some accidental alliances in the state House of Representatives that cut across partisan and ideological div

On merit

Will merit pay for public school teachers lead to better academic performance by students? I don’t know. So far the results are inconclusive.

Arkansas '08: In play

Arkansas has all of the elements in place for an exciting year of presidential politics.


The most frustrating thing about rising fuel prices is that we are powerless to do anything about them, at least in the short term. We know potential solutions exist, but they always seem to be blocked by those who have an interest in keeping us dependent

Bird in hand

In the days leading up to the opening of the new legislative session this week, the big debate was about tax cuts.

To the moon

The real hope for Arkansas lies in self-sufficiency, which is derived from conservation, fresh thinking and making the most of what you have.

Stuck in neutral

With a Democratic governor taking office next month after more than 10 years of a Republican administration, you would think lots of things would change. You would be wrong.

Who's responsible?

People who are responsible for the Iraq war deserve blame and punishment for their actions.

Too much information

Mass marketing techniques are finding their way into the hands of political strategists, who are applying them to voter identification and outreach. While that sounds logical and inevitable, it has consequences that already are altering our democracy in f

One man, one vote

Almost a month has passed since Election Day, and I’m still troubled by what happened in Waldenburg. Randy Wooten was in a three-way race for mayor of the small Poinsett County town. Both of his opponents each received 18 votes, but he received none.

Last man standing

Starting in January, John Boozman will be the new top dog in the Arkansas Republican Party. Like the king of a desert island, the mild-mannered congressman from Northwest Arkansas inherits his new status mainly by surviving. But as the only Republican

Hillary can win

Even before this year’s elections were decided, speculation about the 2008 presidential sweepstakes was well underway. Forget about the impending Democratic takeover of both houses of Congress. The Oct. 23 edition of Time magazine ran a cover story tit

Inactive ingredients

It’s neither popular nor gratifying to point out that the Green Party and independent candidates underperformed in the 2006 Arkansas elections, but it’s impossible to ignore.

Beebe: Go to China

Arkansas Republicans made their last stand against Mike Beebe in the form of three television ads broadcast during the final two weeks of the gubernatorial campaign.

Indentured servants

Barron’s, the weekly Wall Street newspaper, is bucking conventional wisdom by predicting that the Republicans will retain control of the U.S. House and Senate.

The after-party

Only a year ago, conservative columnist (and Arkansas native) Wesley Pruden wrote about Louisiana Democrats who were “barely hanging on to their fragile control of state offices,” and added, “Louisiana and Arkansas are the last Southern states nurturing l