Warwick Sabin

Halter's love lessons

Would you believe that the hottest statewide race in this important election year is the contest for lieutenant governor?

Tortured logic

Even by the Mark Pryor standard — which allows for the routine craven capitulation to the Bush administration — his vote last week in favor of the Military Commissions Act was a colossal outrage.

We're getting a Supercenter

Sources tell me Wal-Mart is preparing to open a government affairs office in Little Rock to lobby state legislators.

The debate mistake

When the story of the 2006 Arkansas governor’s race is written, the turning point will probably be traced to Aug. 18. That’s the day Democrat Mike Beebe and Republican Asa Hutchinson announced a joint agreement on the terms of their debates.

Saving New Orleans, saving ourselves

In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, President George W. Bush gave a nationally televised speech in New Orleans’ Jackson Square and said “We will do what it takes.” One year later, New Orleans and the Gulf Coast remain in critical condition.

Hire ... more ... cops

The best contribution to date in the Little Rock mayoral race is a simple two-line graph produced by Jesse Mason’s campaign. One line charts the number of violent crimes in the city from 1993 through 2004. The other line indicates the number of police

Strings attached

Last Thursday, the Little Rock School Board approved expanding a merit pay program to three elementary schools. As part of the deal, the Walton Family Foundation would pay for researchers from the University of Arkansas to evaluate the results.

Empty stands

I’ve spent a lot of lonely fourth quarters in Razorback Stadium, many times on cold, wet November afternoons. The Hogs could be down by several touchdowns, with no hope of winning the game. Still, I always stay to the bitter end. To leave early would b

Science is hard!

Both major-party candidates for governor would support allowing “intelligent design” to be taught alongside evolution theory in public schools.

Tale of two cities

Strong divisions exist between downtown and West Little Rock, where policy perspectives are shaped by lifestyle choices. To downtown loyalists who live east of University Avenue, West Little Rock is an abomination of sprawl. On the other hand, residents o

Friends like these

A Democratic senator in a Democratic state faces a backlash in next week’s Democratic primary over his support for President George W. Bush and his Iraq war policy. The senator is Joe Lieberman and the state is Connecticut, but you have to wonder if U.S.

Dereliction of duty

“Duty, Honor, Country,” is the title of a biography of Prescott Bush, the former U.S. senator from Connecticut and grandfather of the current president. Those three words represent the principles and priorities that guided his life, and according to the b

Born to run

Only 10 percent of voters in the May 23 Arkansas primary election were under 35 years old, according to a July 4 Arkansas Democrat-Gazette analysis. That was down from 12 percent in 1998. Low voter participation among young people is nothing new, bu

Reality bites

On June 20, Mike Beebe went to an off-the-record meeting with the Stonewall Democrats to explain why his gubernatorial campaign refused their financial contribution.

Guts and Gore

At one point in Al Gore’s movie, “An Inconvenient Truth,” he shows an illustration of a scale with a stack of gold bars on one side and the Earth on the other.

Stop the hate

Back in the 1980s, the model Kelly LeBrock appeared in a commercial for Pantene shampoo and said, “Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful.”

Trojan man

In the four weeks since Jim Holt secured the Republican nomination for lieutenant governor, political partisans have been arguing about whether or not he is actually a “radical” or “extremist.”

Leaving the door cracked

U.S. Sens. Blanche Lincoln and Mark Pryor this month voted against the proposed Federal Marriage Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, making Arkansas the only Southern state besides Maryland to unanimously oppose the measure in the Senate.

Our minor mayor

With Jim Dailey’s announcement last week that he will not seek another term as Little Rock’s mayor, it is about time we openly discuss the absurdity of his job.

Painted into a corner

Remember when the Republican Party was totally marginalized in Arkansas, mainly because it was dominated by a small cadre of true believers in the Northwest corner of the state? If not, don’t worry. All of us will probably get reacquainted with that d