Call for backup:

“Escaped killers

have deputies,

police on alert”


I should hope the police are on alert, if escaped killers have deputy escaped killers helping them.  



U.S., Japan, healthy female cub ink panda pact:

“A four-day-old Giant Panda cub sits in the hand of a veterinarian at Chiang Mai zoo in Chiang Mai province, northern Thailand Sunday, May 31, 2009. The healthy female panda cub whose birth surprised Thai zoo officials last week has joined the United States and Japan as the only countries outside of China to breed a Giant Panda in captivity.”

I doubt that even a full-grown Giant Panda would qualify as a country.

Accentuate the positive, alleviate the negative:


“Our biggest concern in tracking these trucks is to make sure that they are not dumped somewhere on the side of the road or in the ditches or something like that. We will be sharing data on where these trucks are going and try to make sure that we alleviate the public of any concern.”

Presumably, the speaker meant “relieve the public of any concern.” To alleviate is “to lessen, to make easier to endure.” It’s the concern that you want to alleviate, not the people.


Shoot-’em-ups are now gun-’em-downs:

“Jermaine Jacobs and Harry Travis were charged with murder in the death of Compton Dennis, a deputy sheriff who was gunned down while responding to a burglary last month … “

Sue Zafone writes: “Why are people ‘gunned down’ these days? Why aren’t they just ‘shot’, the way they used to be? Are we supposed to say that so-and-so was ‘a gunning-down victim’?” I share her concern. Gun down sounds like something the Earps would say (and do) to the Clantons, out of place in the 21st century. But it seems to have become fashionable. A rather extreme form of closure, I suppose, for someone you have issues with.