Brave New Chef: Chef Peter Brave hands the keys to the kitchen to Ben Lindley

Brave New Restaurant chef/owner Peter Brave has worked in the kitchen alongside an executive chef for the past 15-plus years. When he hired Ben Lindley in January of 2022, he ushered in a new era at Brave New, stepping out of the kitchen but not out of the restaurant — bicycling across America notwithstanding.
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Paragon Pie: Pizzeria Ruby is wicked good

Dining at Pizzeria Ruby requires enough patience to reckon with a mighty crowd. Chef Michael Robertshaw and Meredith Butler, his business partner and significant other, are responsible for one of the hottest spots in Northwest Arkansas. And that’s saying something, given the sizzling streak the region’s culinary scene has been on lately.

Is Benton delicious now?

Prepare to meet God, but also sip a jalapeño margarita and throw an axe.

25 Bites: Food we crave in Central Arkansas

We passed the baton around the editorial room this week, each tasked with naming some of our favorite dishes in Central Arkansas at this very moment in time. So, what you’re seeing here isn’t a Top 25 list, it’s simply a list of bites we long for and need in our lives right now. 

Hey yo, Yeyo's: Chef Rafael Rios isn’t your average, everyday success story

The story of Rafael Rios, the man behind the burgeoning Yeyo's mini-restaurant empire.

Don’t skip dessert: One Eleven at the Capital is back

It wasn't a special occasion at One Eleven, but it felt like one.

Girls Gone BBQ, for when you want Delta dining in the Ozarks

Finding Delta dining in Northwest Arkansas at the new Fayetteville restaurant Girls Gone BBQ.

Main Street Food Truck Festival pops up in downtown Little Rock on Sunday

Prepare for a full-on food truck takeover — a parade of rumbling generators and buskers and a sea of faces sporting the kinds of smiles that quesabirria tacos and funnel cakes tend to induce.

Three Fold moves west: The new West Little Rock location blends Chinese culture cues with the American breakfast tradition

The restaurant’s move to West Little Rock took a winding path, transpiring after owner Lisa Zhang’s dreams of opening Haybird —  a 9,000-square-foot facility on Rebsamen Park Road that would incorporate three concepts: Chinese fried chicken, a sake brewery and an Eastern pantry — were dashed by the coronavirus pandemic.

Food with soul: From a small produce stand to the best comfort food in Little Rock, K. Hall & Sons approaches its 50th year on Wright Avenue

After nearly 50 years on Little Rock's Wright Avenue, it's no surprise that K. Hall & Sons took home the title for "Best Comfort Food" in our annual "Best of Arkansas" poll.

The Mighty Rib’s Eat Arkansas food diary

People often wonder about the diet of Kevin Shalin, author of the popular Facebook food blog The Mighty Rib. Does he eat out three times a day? How is he not 600 pounds? What are his hours because his restaurant looks great? Fresh off winning best blog in the annual Arkansas Times Best Of Arkansas survey, we thought it would be a good time for a detailed three day food diary from Central Arkansas’s favorite food blogger. Tag along to find his favorite margarita in Little Rock (hint: you’ll never guess) and why you should always tip your barista. 

Kasper's in Clarksville is raising the bar on the River Valley road lunch

If you've made your share of trips up to Northwest Arkansas from Little Rock, you know a good road lunch spot is worth its weight in gold.

A Central Arkansas fried chicken sandwich guide

A sandwich that thrives beyond the fast-food sphere.

That mural from The Afterthought? It's up at Dave's Place

Commence with the selfies! And a bowl of Dave's tomato bisque.

From Ukraine to Hot Springs: Alexa’s Creperie is a family-owned European cafe that has spanned 15 years and two continents

Husband and wife Sergiy and Yana Polyakov opened Alexa’s Creperie in Brussels in 2006 and moved it to Hot Springs in 2015.

Delta Dirt Distillery builds on family farm legacy

A homegrown sweet potato-based alternative to Russian vodka.

Rosie's is riveting the weekday lunch scene in Little Rock's East Village

Just like its namesake, Rosie’s Pot and Kettle thrives in hard times.

Sullivan's Steakhouse coming to The Promenade at Chenal

Sullivan's Steakhouse will be opening its 14th U.S. location at The Promenade at Chenal in early 2022, Newmark Moses Tucker Partners announced yesterday.

A Q&A with "Easy One-Bowl Baking" author Kelli Marks

Kelli Marks is a self-taught cake decorator-turned-pastry chef, and author of “Easy One-Bowl Baking: No-Fuss Recipes for Sweet and Savory Baked Goods." Catch Marks at Central Arkansas Library System's Six Bridges Book Festival 1 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 30 and again at 4 p.m. that day for a baking workshop. 

Main Street Food Truck Festival is back this weekend, and it's got its eyes on reducing food truck waste

Downtown Little Rock’s largest gathering of food trucks celebrates its 10th birthday this year with more than 60 food trucks rolling in to cure your hankerings for wok-fired soba noodles, frozen lemonade, loaded fries, elotes, gulf shrimp, funnel cakes, Italian ice and lots more.