Firefly Burger, a new food truck from first time restaurant owners and spouses Sam and Cassandra Kassis, popped up on Maumelle Boulevard on Wednesday. It’s stationed adjacent to the Phillip 66. If you’re coming from Little Rock, you take a U-turn on Counts Massie Road. What attracted me to this food truck was a picture floating around on social media of two cheeseburgers with fries served on newspaper. Everything about the burgers looked right. The soft buttery bun, the melted cheese seeping off the burger patty onto a healthy slice of tomato. It was just a picture, but it looked good enough for an ad. I’ve always been a sucker for burger ads. So I drove out to Maumelle on Thursday to try one.

Knowing that the drive back from Maumelle in rush hour might cut down on burger freshness time, I ate it in an empty parking lot nearby. I figured I’d just eat half, maybe save the rest for later or mind my “diet” that I’m never really on. I took one bite and knew instantly that the entirety of the sandwich had to be eaten. Truth be told, I haven’t had a burger that good in a while.


The Firefly

Co-owner Cassandra Kassis said that she and her husband’s favorite part of the day was spending a couple hours in the evening cooking in the kitchen together. Friends and relatives have been telling them they needed to open a restaurant, so they decided to start with a food truck.


I’m a traditionalist when it comes to burgers, especially on a first visit, so I got the “Firefly ($7.99),” with American cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion, pickle, mayo and mustard.

Firefly advertises gourmet burgers, and the menu offers a few different varieties. There’s the “Mac Attack” ($9.99), with creamy mac and cheese, lettuce and mayonnaise. For an extra $2, you can get the “Lobster Mac Attack” and add lobster meat. There’s a “Swiss Mushroom” ($9.99), with Swiss cheese, sauteed mushrooms, caramelized onions, mayonnaise. It’s topped with a creamy mushroom sauce. “The Hangover” is a Firefly with a fried egg and crispy bacon. “The Greek” has crumbled feta, red onion, spring mix, tomato and is drizzled with tzatziki sauce. There’s also a Philly Steak sandwich.


Firefly’s side offerings are fries, tater tots, beer battered onion rings and mac and cheese. There are two premium sides for $7.99: “The Philly Cheese Steak Loaded Fries,” topped with Philly steak, provolone cheese, grilled bell pepper, onion. It’s then drizzled with mayo. And there’s the “Bacon and Cheese Loaded Fries.”

Kassis said they sold out of burgers on the first day. “I don’t know how many we had ready, but we sold sixty to seventy burgers that night in three hours. We were not expecting that. We were very blessed.”

For now Firefly Burger will be open three days a week, 4-8 p.m. Wed-Fri. “We planned to open for lunch and dinner,” Kassis said, “but after the first day we switched it up to just dinner because we do come during the day and make fresh meat, we season it, my husband makes them into the patties. We take our time to get each one just right. We don’t want to freeze anything. We want to come every day and serve fresh food.”

Orders can be called in ahead. Follow their Facebook page for updates. Kassis said they might pop up on occasional weekends.


Firefly Burger
10920 Maumelle Blvd.
4-8 p.m. Wed.-Fri.