The Faded Rose

Laurie David, who along with husband Ed and son Zac own the New Orleans-style Cajun restaurant The Faded Rose on Rebsamen Park Road, said they’ve thought about closing the store for the last several presidential elections but just never pulled the trigger. “With this being such an important election, we thought we would do it,” she said via email. “Our employees are very excited,” she said. They have the luxury of voting on Election Day, if they choose, and they can watch the results in real time, she said. David said they’ve received positive feedback from clientele as well.

“We have a great staff,” she added. “Some of the them have been with us for over 30 years.”


Here’s the post from The Rose’s Facebook page:

Hey everybody! We will be closed on Election Day. That is Tuesday, November the 3rd. We want to encourage everyone that is eligible to vote to get out and do it. That also includes our staff. That is why we are giving them the day off. Thank you for your continued support and we will see you with normal operating hours on Wednesday the 4th.