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Hey yo, Yeyo's: Chef Rafael Rios isn’t your average, everyday success story

The story of Rafael Rios, the man behind the burgeoning Yeyo's mini-restaurant empire.
IT Arkansas job board

Three Fold moves west: The new West Little Rock location blends Chinese culture cues with the American breakfast tradition

The restaurant’s move to West Little Rock took a winding path, transpiring after owner Lisa Zhang’s dreams of opening Haybird —  a 9,000-square-foot facility on Rebsamen Park Road that would incorporate three concepts: Chinese fried chicken, a sake brewery and an Eastern pantry — were dashed by the coronavirus pandemic.

Food with soul: From a small produce stand to the best comfort food in Little Rock, K. Hall & Sons approaches its 50th year on Wright Avenue

After nearly 50 years on Little Rock's Wright Avenue, it's no surprise that K. Hall & Sons took home the title for "Best Comfort Food" in our annual "Best of Arkansas" poll.

A Central Arkansas fried chicken sandwich guide

A sandwich that thrives beyond the fast-food sphere.

From Ukraine to Hot Springs: Alexa’s Creperie is a family-owned European cafe that has spanned 15 years and two continents

Husband and wife Sergiy and Yana Polyakov opened Alexa’s Creperie in Brussels in 2006 and moved it to Hot Springs in 2015.

Delta Dirt Distillery builds on family farm legacy

A homegrown sweet potato-based alternative to Russian vodka.

The Central Arkansas taco truck guide

A survey of deliciousness.

Taco truck glossary

For the uninitiated.

Lonoke County's Finest: The Grumpy Rabbit is field trip-worthy

The Grumpy Rabbit is destination dining.

A guide to open-air dining in Central Arkansas

Al fresco all the time.

The movers and shakers of the Central Arkansas condiment world

A survey of some of our local favorites.

The timeless appeal of Newport's Postmaster Spirits

If that name clangs any bells, if it whispers of any hangovers past, it’s likely because of the all-too-timely product that brought an orange wave of headlines back in April 2019: Trump Tonic. (“Trump tonic will grab you by your ‘wherever,’ ” the back of the bottle reads.)

Arkansas chefs offer favorite recipes

The holiday season looks different this year. Because of the pandemic, many people won’t be celebrating with as many friends and family as they have in the past. But the smaller table might bring an opportunity to spend more creative time in the kitchen.

How to open a restaurant during a pandemic

Despite economic uncertainty and hardship, several brand-new restaurants — like Brood & Barley and Cypress Social — have popped up. Henrietta's is still in the works, and a renovated Oyster Bar is coming.

Oh, good, waiting tables is worse than it used to be

Rhett Brinkley talks about what it's like to wait tables during a pandemic. (Audio by Sydney Hunsicker and Jack Lloyd.)

Quarantine Kitchens: Little Rock's home cooks show us their eats

The Arkansas Times persuaded a few home cooks to tell us about their favorite meals during the extended stay at home, and about the ways in which their relationship to food has changed during the pandemic. 

To market, to market: Farmers are selling again

With an assist from the University of Arkansas’s Division of Agricultural Cooperative Extension, we’ve compiled information on some of the many markets in Arkansas.

Farmers markets, closed by virus, turn to apps and drive-thrus

Down markets.

Arkansas small farmers and markets exercise creativity, grit as season opens

How small farmers and producers are managing amid the pandemic.

El Sur’s baleadas are without rival

My favorite thing to eat in Little Rock right now is the baleada con todo from El Sur, Luis Vasquez’s Honduran food truck often found (in normal times) in the South Main neighborhood.