QUESABIRRIA TACOS: From La Casa De Mi Abuelita Mawmaw's House. Brian Chilson

Al Pastor: “shepherd style” pork cooked on vertical spit.

Adobada: marinated pork cooked in chili-based sauce, grilled or braised.


Arepas: thick cornmeal pancakes, topped with meat and other fixin’s. 

Asada: grilled or roasted steak.


Baleada: Honduran burrito. 

Barbacoa: slow-cooked shredded meat, typically beef.


Birria: stew made from slow-cooked meat, usually beef.

Buche: pork stomach.

Cabeza: beef head or cheeks.

Camerones: shrimp.


Campechano: mixture of meats.

Carnitas: slow-cooked pork.

Chicharrones: fried pork skins.

Chorizo: spicy sausage.

Churros: cylindrical fried dough slathered in sugar.

Cochinita pibil: pork cooked in banana leaves with oranges and spices.

Consomme: beef birria broth.

Crema: fresh cream, similar to sour cream.

Elote: street corn on the cob.

Gordita: can differ by region, typically a small corn shell or pita that’s stuffed with toppings. Thicker than a regular tortilla. 

Lengua: beef tongue.

Nopales: cooked opuntia cactus pads.

Platanos: plantains that may be cooked ripe (sweet) or green (savory). 

Pollo: chicken.

Pupusa: Salvadoran and Honduran griddle cake or flatbread made with cornmeal or rice flour, filled with meat, cheese, vegetables or beans.

Quesabirria: stewed birria meat and cheese tacos served with consomme for dipping.

Sopes: fried corn-based dish with savory toppings. Like a tostada but thicker, with pinched sides. 

Torta: sandwich. 

Tripa: beef intestine.

Yuca: starchy vegetable similar to a potato, can be steamed or fried or mashed.


Bebidas: Drinks and more

Agua Fresca: cold, refreshing beverage made with fruits, water and sugar.

Agua de Tamarindo: drink made from tamarind (tropical fruit), sugar and water.

Chamoy: sauce and condiment made from pickled fruit. 

Coca Mexicana: Coke made in Mexico with cane sugar rather than high fructose corn syrup. 

Jarritos: Mexican fruit-flavored sodas.

Jugo: fruit juice.

Mangonada: frozen mango beverage with fresh mango, chamoy and Tajín (chili lime seasoning).

Helpful phrases

Con Todo: served with everything. For example: baleada con todo is a Honduran burrito with rice, beans, plantains, pickled onion, crema and cheese. 

Para Aquí: for here.

Para Llevar: to go.