Blue Sage Vegan proprietors with Corliss Williamson, from the restaurant's Facebook page

Blue Sage Vegan proprietors with Russellville native and former NBA player Corliss Williamson, from the restaurant’s Facebook page

Big poultry is getting freakier by the dang day, and meanwhile, plant-based food in Little Rock is coming through like Lizzo and her flute with a hair flip and a “Bitch, we got this.”

Exhibit A: Blue Sage Vegan Bistro in the River Market food court where, yesterday, two tie dye-clad individuals my dining companion described as “what Rush Limbaugh and Tim Allen probably think all vegans look like” served me a sandwich called the “Don’t Be a Chik’n.” I’m certain even my carnivorous, chicken-farming relatives would have adored it — a deep-fried slab of cauliflower on garlicky grilled Texas toast, slathered with buffalo sauce and aioli and topped with a tomato slice and raw cabbage leaves for extra crunch. It was terrifically decadent and somehow not nap-inducing and if you are not currently wedging some deep-fried cauliflower into your work week, you might not be doing it right.