Singing cornbread mural outside the Root Cafe Michael Roberts

As Little Rock restaurants try to weather the closure of their dining rooms, they’re turning to some creative solutions for curbside and delivery services.

The Root Cafe, for one, has established a grocery market from its well of connections with farmers across the state, giving you one more option outside that big box paradigm.

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You’ll find the daily “menu” on the cafe’s Facebook page, filled with house-made items like The Root’s Curry Chicken Salad or Rabbit Ridge Chicken Stew, farm eggs from Drewry Farm & Orchards, plus produce from Arkansas Natural Foods and Plethora Farms, ready for your fridge: arugula, kohlrabi, Napa cabbage, oyster mushrooms, Red Russian kale. Oh, and beer. And toilet paper, $1.50/roll or $15/12-roll pack.


Hours are Tue.-Sun., 8 a.m.-8 p.m. Check here for the daily menu, and call your order in to 501-414-0423.