From Brood & Barley's Instagram page: (left to right) Brayan McFadden, Odell Thomas and David Burnette

Brood & Barley, a new restaurant from the owners of Flyway Brewery, is set to open today (Thursday, June 25) in the space that once housed Core Brewery on Main Street in Argenta. 

According to Brood and Barley’s Instagram page, Brayan McFadden will serve as kitchen lead and general manager. Longtime member of the Flyway family Odell Thomas will serve as beer manager. David Burnette will be the bar lead and front-of-house manager. 


I spoke with Ren Scott, Flyway’s front-of-house manager, on Tuesday. “[Brood and Barley’s] going to be Central Arkansas’s first gastropub,” she said. “We’re going for an elevated food experience that’s still beer-centric and focused on quality ingredients, not only in the food but also in the drinks.” 

Brood and Barley’s beer will be brewed at Flyway, but no draft lines will be shared. Brood and Barley’s draft beer will only be available at its location at 411 Main Street.


A Brood & Barley brew, from the new gastropub’s Facebook page

 “It’s a really cool project to be able to make beer specifically for the food you want to serve and to make food for the beer you want to brew,” Scott said.  


When asked about opening a restaurant during a pandemic, Scott told me that it’s an interesting challenge. “But I think it just means that we’re taking a little bit extra precaution with everything that we would’ve already been doing,” she said.