Matthew Bell Brian Chilson

If you’ve wondered what chef Matt Bell has been up to since he sold South On Main and moved to Nashville with his wife, Amy Kelley Bell, and their two pugs, the title to his new piece in Eater Nashville should give you an idea: “A Tornado, a Pandemic, a House Fire and a Bomb: One Chef’s chaotic First Year in Nashville.”

Bell arrived in Nashville to take the job as executive chef at 21c Hotel’s ground floor restaurant Gray & Dudley a little over a month before dining rooms started shutting down in March. Before the shutdown, in early March, a tornado ripped through downtown Nashville damaging restaurants just a couple miles away from 21c. The chaos just seemed to continue throughout the year for Bell who has kept a positive outlook despite all the hardships the year brought. At the time his article was published yesterday, 21c remained closed because it’s still an active crime scene. The hotel is located less than a block away from the site where a suicide bomber detonated an RV in downtown Nashville on Christmas Day.