The North Little Rock Convention & Visitors Bureau, the North Little Rock Chamber of Commerce and the city of North Little Rock’s Economic Development arm are hosting North Little Rock Restaurant Week this week starting today and running through Jan. 31 in an effort to support North Little Rock restaurants.

“We hope to show our restaurants, who had a tough economic year in 2020, that their community is here for them and cares,” said Karen Trevino, North Little Rock CVB President & CEO. “At the same time, we want this to be a fun way to kick off 2021, with everyone rallying behind their favorite restaurants and enjoying some good food for the chance to win prizes.”


According to the North Little Rock CVB website, from January 2020 to October 2020, the North Little Rock restaurant industry saw a 9.24% decrease in revenue over 2019 — a loss of $16.4 million across roughly 250 restaurants. In a recent survey conducted by the Arkansas Hospitality Association, the majority of the responding restaurant owners did not expect business conditions to improve in the coming months. In fact, they expected a decrease from current sales levels through February 2021.

“Local restaurants are an economic driver for tourism and make our community a better place to live and work,” said John Owens, president and CEO of the North Little Rock Chamber of Commerce. “If you like having local restaurants in your community, go and spend money with them. Order take out, buy a gift card or go out to eat and follow their mask and social distancing guidelines.”


There are three ways to earn points. Every $10 spent on dine-in or takeout is equal to one point. Printed or digital Jan. 2021 receipts from any North Little Rock restaurant can be taken to the North Little Rock Welcome Center at 600 Main Street. The Welcome Center is open from 9 a.m.-4 p.m. on weekdays.

Any gift card purchased from a North Little Rock restaurant is equal to two points. Gift cards can be purchased online or in-store from the North Little Rock Welcome Center. Any online purchases through Sun., Jan. 31, will be counted.


Shared social media posts featuring a North Little Rock restaurant on Facebook or Instagram when dining in or picking up takeout are equal to two points. The restaurant must be tagged in the post with photos if possible, including the hashtag #NLREats. Privacy settings for the posts must be set to public if on Facebook.

Participants that have earned the most points between Jan. 25-31 will win one of three “Up to Something Local” prizes of $200, $150 or $100 values consisting of local restaurant gift cards and goodies. There is no limit to the number of points per participant; however, participants cannot combine points. Winners will be announced the week of Feb. 1. Winners must be 18+ and U.S. residents.

The first place $200 value includes:

  • Dinner for Two at Benihana ($50) or Riverfront Steakhouse ($75)
  • Cypress Social gift card ($10)
  • Skinny J’s Argenta gift card ($10)
  • Diamond Bear Brewing Company mug and t-shirt
  • Yadaloo Music & Arts Festival baseball cap
  • North Little Rock koozies

Second place $150 value includes:

  • American Pie Pizza gift card ($25)
  • Skinny J’s Argenta gift card ($10)
  • St. Joseph Farm Stand items, including a tea towel, Juanita’s peanut brittle, War Eagle Mill Pancake Mix and basket
  • North Little Rock Welcome Center items, including Robbi’s Salsa, Nana’s Organix watermelon jelly, NLR t-shirt, NLR tumbler, NLR coffee mug and NLR coaster
  • Yadaloo Music & Arts Festival baseball cap

Third place $100 value includes:

  • Skinny J’s Argenta gift cards ($20 total)
  • North Little Rock t-shirt and tumbler from the North Little Rock Welcome Center
  • Two Yadaloo Music & Arts Festival baseball caps

“We are blessed as a city to have so many great restaurants, from local flavor to major chains, we have it all,” said Robert Birch, director of development for the city of North Little Rock. “These businesses are what make us unique. They have done an amazing job of pivoting to serve their customers due to this trying time, and we need to step up and support them any way we can.”