kBird is temporarily closing and it doesn’t appear to be pandemic-related. The authentic Thai restaurant, located in a repurposed house at 600 North Tyler Street in Little Rock, owned and operated by corporate lawyer turned chef Richard Glasgow, is closed for a mysterious restructuring. A post from the restaurant on social media this morning said the message came earlier than expected and that kBird is not going anywhere and is not going to quit cooking Thai food, but “we are gonna blow up the current business model.”
The plans are not fully formed but the new model will include an “in-advance, less hectic ordering system and family-style, multiple-dish meals rather than single-order meals as served in the past.” More from the post:
Many of the ‘old’ menu items will still be available, but in a way that will increase dining variety and create space for regional foods, lesser-known dishes, and personal favorites. and, frankly, it will be closer to the way Thai folks eat Thai food, whether at home or in a restaurant.
-While we should be back serving food in some form or fashion within the next month, some of these plans will not be implemented until later this year.
-Use of traditional Thai techniques and of the highest quality ingredients, as well as a firm belief in substance over style, will be unchanged.
-I couldn’t be happier or prouder of what we have accomplished over the last nine years. But, it appears that i was born to tilt at windmills. Thanks to everyone, as always. Updates to follow.
The post also included an illustration of Don Quixote tilting at windmills. We’ll keep you updated, and we look forward to trying kBird’s new menu as soon as it’s available.