Doe's Classic

It’s not too late to indulge in the Arkansas Times’ annual Central Arkansas burger celebration. Scroll through the list of participating restaurants and you’ll find a wide variety of options proving that Arkansas is as good a burger town as you’ll find anywhere. Whether it’s the Doe’s Classic, the Gut Bomb Burger from Midtown or the Signature Sweet and Hot burger from Copper Grill, you can’t really go wrong. Check out the list of burgers here and remember the five commandments of burger month:

Restaurants MAY run out, so get there early, have a backup plan and maybe try again the next day. Be kind to our restaurants.


Tip. This should go without saying, but step up to the plate with a 20% tip and say “Thank you” for the sweet deal.

Buy a beverage and sides to enjoy with your burger. Have a cold beer or try the other recommendations.


Try as many of these places as you can – especially the ones you have never been to. Have fun!

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