Columbus House Brewery

Citing the rise in the delta variant in the community, Columbus House Brewery in Fayetteville sent out a message on Facebook yesterday asking for its customers who are not yet vaccinated to either get the shot or wear a mask at all times while at the brewery.

Yesterday the Centers For Disease Control issued new guidance that recommends that fully vaccinated people wear masks indoors in areas of high viral transmission. Every county in Arkansas is listed as having a high level of viral transmission, according to the CDC.


Look for more restaurants and bars to follow suit, in some way or another. Last week The Root Cafe in SoMa shut down its dining room just weeks after finally reopening for indoor dining after nearly 15 months of operating exclusively on its patio and adjacent courtyard. Our non-medical recommendation: Start giving a damn, Arkansas. Put on the mask, and don’t make your servers do double duty as public safety enforcers.

Here’s the note from Columbus House Brewery:


Hi friends,

We realize we’ve been a little complacent with stating Covid-19 best practices, but given the rise in the delta variant in our community, we want to remind everyone that if you are NOT fully vaccinated against Covid-19 please either 1)get vaccinated, 2)wear a mask at ALL TIMES while at the brewery. This includes our patio and after getting beer. Keep your mask on and simply pull it down to sip your beer.


All children who are not fully vaccinated and are able to wear a mask must wear a mask at all times.


Please be sure to bring your own mask, we have a very limited supply of masks to give out.

If you are unvaccinated and unwilling to wear a mask and still want to support us, you may place a curbside order by calling 479-935-3752 during our operating hours. Note: all curbside orders will come with a $5 charge.


To reiterate: if you are NOT FULLY VACCINATED against covid-19 you MUST wear a mask AT ALL TIMES. This includes the patio space and even after getting your beer.


Your cooperation keeps us in operation!