A good lunch is hard to find on Mondays in downtown Little Rock. But we found one at Bowl N Roll in the River Market.

It makes perfect sense that restaurant staff need a day off, and no one begrudges them taking Monday to recuperate after the weekend rush. But what if you like to consume food seven days a week?

Lunch options downtown are limited on Mondays, but Fresh Bowl N Roll in the River Market food court is open and ready to fix you up. Mordecai Lee, formerly of the dearly departed Hanaroo, owns and operates Bowl N Roll in the River Market’s Ottenheimer Market Hall. He and his wife, both of whom grew up in Korea where the seafood is so fresh it sometimes wriggles in your mouth, roll all the sushi themselves.


A lunch special gives you two rolls of your choosing for $9.99, with unusually tasty pickled ginger on the side.