Rhett Brinkley

Based on previous trips to Ottenheimer Hall this year, I didn’t expect much a of a crowd today for lunch, but the River Market’s food court-style hall was buzzing with people eating lunch and waiting in line with various local vendors. I noticed that after a lengthy closure due to staffing issues, David’s Burgers has reopened at the east end of the hall. I bumped into a friend who was on his way to get a burger.

But I was drawn to the counter at Platnum BBQ like a moth to the flame. Everything looked amazing, and I didn’t know what I was going to order until they called on me. It was a tough choice between the pulled pork sandwich, sliced brisket and brisket burnt ends. Just as I was called on, I saw that short ribs were one of the specials, so that’s what I blurted out with a bit of a voice crack.


It came with two sides, so I ordered mac and cheese and collard greens. It did not disappoint. I’ll be back soon. Guy Choate, a food writing contributor to Arkansas Times, texted me that he had the same lunch, though he subbed the mac and cheese for cabbage, clearly trying to show me up with dietary discipline. But I can’t turn down mac and cheese if it’s right there. I won’t.

What did you have for lunch? What are you having for dinner? Let us know below.