THE ROOT CAFE Brian Chilson

We received a press release today confirming rumors that The Root Cafe is one of the restaurants planning to open in the new multi-million dollar Breckenridge Village redevelopment.

“We will be working toward opening a second Root Cafe location in Breckenridge Village, right next to the planned Deluca’s Pizzeria,” The Root Cafe owner Jack Sundell said in the press release. Last month Arkansas Business reported that in addition to Deluca’s, a Waldo’s Chicken & Beer and Flyway Taproom will also be a part of the shopping center. Eat My Catfish will remain in the complex.


According to the press release, The Root Cafe owners Jack Sundell and Corri Bristow-Sundell have sold Mockingbird Bar & Tacos to JLC Entertainment Holdings, owned by Johnny Campbell and ­­­Harry and Joe Einhorn. Little Rock Mayor hopeful Greg Henderson, commercial real estate agent and owner of Rock City Eats, brokered the sale of the restaurant, which closed today. Mockingbird originally opened at 1220 S. Main St. as Dos Rocas in 2018. The Sundells became the sole owners in 2019, rebranding and updating the menu to the concept known today.

“We are so very pleased to become part of the SoMa district and jumped at the chance when Greg Henderson brought this opportunity to us,” Johnny Campbell said. “We will be great stewards of the community that surrounds us as we are with our current operations. We support numerous charitable organizations and feel as owners/operators that this is part of our calling.”


JLC Entertainment Holdings was founded this year as a partnership between Harry Einhorn, his son Joe Einhorn, and their longtime friends John and Lisa Campbell. The group currently operates a pizza restaurant in Cabot. Executive Chef Stephen “Buddy” Seals will oversee the menu for Mockingbird. Seals has a diverse restaurant background that includes Capital Hotel, John Daly’s Steakhouse, Greystone Country Club, and Cracker Barrel.


“Chef Buddy is extremely committed to providing the freshest ingredients utilizing local vendors,” Campbell said.


“We’re excited to have the opportunity to focus on this new project and pass Mockingbird on to someone who is ready to give it the love and attention it deserves. Johnny Campbell and his chef Buddy Seals and manager Joe Einhorn have impressed us with their enthusiasm, business acumen, and strong desire to be part of the SoMa business community.”