CENTRAL AVENUE WARHORSE: Rod's Pizza Cellar is a relic and a family affair, serving up such favorites as the BBQ pie. Brian Chilson

“Like a mulish bastion of ’80s interior decor and wall-mounted televisions, Rod’s Pizza Cellar set up shop on the Fourth of July in 1975 and has maintained a family-friendly following for its “Godfather” deep-dish style pizza, along with meaty menu companions,” Stephanie Smittle wrote for the Arkansas Times in a 2019 feature about the Hot Springs mile pie club. “Boutique pie it is not,” she continued, “but Rod’s fare is sturdy stuff, with small-batch sauces and cheese sliced in-house.”

The restaurant has been sold to Beasley Properties Inc., owners of McClard’s, JB Chophouse and Sunset Grill on Lake Balboa. But a press release confirmed in the headline that the Cellar’s Godfather pie isn’t going anywhere.


Owner/broker Amber Henson of Urban Living and Development Inc. reported the sale of the property on Feb. 23. Rod’s was previously located in Mowrey-Wyatt Plaza on Albert Pike Road for decades before moving to its current location at 3350 Central Ave.

“There are no plans to change anything in the immediate future to the property or menu,” said Lee Beasley of Beasley Properties, Inc. “It’ll be the same Rod’s recipes that I and everyone else have enjoyed for decades. I have great memories of going there with my dad.”

Beasley said he would eventually like to add a full-service bar, upgrade the interior space and turn the outdoor section into an entertainment area.