Delicious Temptations (Facebook)

In April, longtime West Little Rock breakfast spot Delicious Temptations announced plans to expand into the former Shag Salon space directly adjacent to the restaurant, located at 11220 N. Rodney Parham Road.


The new addition will increase the restaurant’s square footage from 2,000 to 4,000 and its seating capacity from about 88 to 108, co-owner Anthony Niel said. The new room will have a full bar and a little bit more of a modern, upscale touch, Niel said, but the existing side will get an update as well. When we spoke last Friday, Niel — who has owned the restaurant with his father Tony Niel for 17 years — estimated that within the next week to week and a half, they will open up the new space and close the original side for renovations. Niel said the old carpet will be ripped up, the walls will be painted and the space will be more open and inviting. Once both rooms are complete, they’ll connect the two rooms by opening a up a 16-foot archway in the wall.

Niel said the new addition will also serve as a space for special events like wedding rehearsals, bridal showers or invitation-only events when the restaurant is closed.


The goal was to increase the size of the kitchen to improve workflow and get the food out faster, Niel said, but the expansion was long overdue. He said he hopes it serves as a reminder that Delicious Temptations is a Little Rock staple and has been for decades. Delicious Temptations opened in 1981.

“The sad thing is, we’re just tucked off in a corner, and we can be forgotten about really easily if you’re not one of the regulars that comes in all the time,” Niel said.


Niel aims to have the full expansion completed and both rooms open together by the end of the year.



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