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Momentary opens this weekend with hybrid of art and performance

“It’s a completely flexible space and we’re really excited about it because a space like this doesn’t exist in this region and there are very few like it in the country,” she explains. “Our team is thinking about how performance can happen anywhere.”

Hogs looking fragile

Arkansas was having such a charmed first season under Eric Musselman that this recent, turbulent mid-season lull has been awfully jarring.

Ante Yana wins Round Three of 2020 Arkansas Times Musicians Showcase

With staccato spoken word, mean-as-hell bass riffs and punctuating saxophone, Ante Yana took top honors last night at the 2020 Arkansas Times Musicians Showcase. Look for them, as well as Won Run and Tiny Towns, at the Rev Room for the showcase finals on Saturday, March 14. 

Slideshow: Breaking Benjamin at Simmons Bank Arena

Arkansas Times staff photographer Brian Chilson was on the floor to catch some of Breaking Benjamin's set Wednesday night.

Tiny Towns takes the second round of the 2020 Arkansas Times Musicians Showcase

With Fayetteville's noir klez-rock outfit Trashcan Bandits only a few points behind, Jonesboro indie rock quartet Tiny Towns landed at the top at the Arkansas Times Musicians Showcase last night at Stickyz.

Turtle Rush, Route 358, Trashcan Bandits and Tiny Towns up at Arkansas Times Musicians Showcase tonight

Up at Stickyz tonight, Thursday, Feb. 6: Turtle Rush, Route 358, Trashcan Bandits and Tiny Towns. 

Netflix's "Night on Earth" is a nature doc/horror flick hybrid

The night vision gives certain scenes a sort of bedtime vulnerability, as when a lion exhausted by her fresh kill flomps her head down on the throat of the wildebeest she was clamping on moments before.

"Beaker Street" is back: UPDATE

UPDATE: On Jan. 6, 2020, “Beaker Street” host Clyde Clifford received a medical diagnosis of multiple myeloma.

'Stop Being Scared': Five Questions with Yuni Wa

We talk with Little Rock-based composer/producer Yuni Wa, whose album "Allegory" comes out today.

Won Run wins first round of 2020 Arkansas Times Musicians Showcase

Catch the recap of Round 1 of the 2020 Arkansas Times Musicians Showcase.

The Aggressive Forest: A conversation with Anaïs Dassé

"I always felt the way we display the information — the viewer in front of it — everybody is filling gaps. In the end, they [the curators] can tell you whatever they want. This is also the question of colonialism: In these narratives, the 'winner' is the one talking. It’s not just missing information; it’s about how we write history. Who are the 'savages'?" 

Perrion Hurd: Mosaic Templars' signature artist

The painter/printmaker hopes the banners he's painted for the exterior of the downtown museum of African-American life in Arkansas will inspire community mural projects.

Announcing the semifinalists for the 2020 Arkansas Times Musicians Showcase

Inaugurated in 1993 by the now-defunct Spectrum Weekly and handed over to the Arkansas Times around 1997, the showcase has been reliably eclectic in its third decade, offering sets from seasoned local ensembles, side projects from longtime music veterans and talented upstarts honing their stage offerings for the first time.

Arkansas filmmakers Daniel Campbell and Graham Gordy to write Courteney Cox's "Last Chance U" drama

Arkansas filmmakers Graham Gordy and Daniel Campbell, who co-wrote 2018's feature film "Antiquities," are now the co-creators for Courteney Cox's "Last Chance U," a drama based on the Netflix documentary series of the same name.

Musselman off to promising start

Borrowing our Southern parlance, it’s “awful early yet” in the Hog coaching career of Eric Musselman, but while he’s helming an almost impossibly small, basically six-deep roster, he’s also accomplishing things in his first year that most of his predecessors couldn’t fathom doing.

"Uncut Gems" is feverish and inspired

"Uncut Gems” builds a genre-busting tale of crime and debt and chutzpah around an instantly indelible character named Howard Ratner, absolutely the last person in the world you’d want to play chicken against.

Popular: Five Questions with Allison Bailey of "Wicked"

Allison Bailey's Glinda is fabulously polished, countering Suskauer’s wry Elphaba with physical humor and playful vocal delivery. We caught up with Bailey ahead of performances of "Wicked" in Little Rock, which run at Robinson Performance Hall through January 19.

Hopeful about Hogs in 2020

Seasonal cheer comes in many forms. With the curtain drawn closed on this crazy decade, this bedraggled Hog fan has hope where it once was not.

'The Rise of Skywalker' disappoints

The cast is fine. The effects are fine. The sense of wonder and adventure and beauty are all fine. What’s missing is any sort of payoff that suggests the keepers of these stories cared about them as anything other than an ATM.

Outlaw nation: Professional bull riding's new rockstar is from Hamburg, Arkansas

When Chase Outlaw (that’s really his name) goes into the bucking chute now, the announcers broadcast the story of his infamous comeback across the arena, and an X-ray of his mutilated face flashes on every screen, projecting an image of his eye socket looking like a chewed up piece of tobacco.