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Musselman off to promising start

Borrowing our Southern parlance, it’s “awful early yet” in the Hog coaching career of Eric Musselman, but while he’s helming an almost impossibly small, basically six-deep roster, he’s also accomplishing things in his first year that most of his predecessors couldn’t fathom doing.

"Beaker Street" is back

With Clyde Clifford's retirement from a decades-long day job in the rearview mirror (barely), beloved rock radio bulletin "Beaker Street" is slated for a revival on Arkansas Rocks.

"Uncut Gems" is feverish and inspired

"Uncut Gems” builds a genre-busting tale of crime and debt and chutzpah around an instantly indelible character named Howard Ratner, absolutely the last person in the world you’d want to play chicken against.

Popular: Five Questions with Allison Bailey of "Wicked"

Allison Bailey's Glinda is fabulously polished, countering Suskauer’s wry Elphaba with physical humor and playful vocal delivery. We caught up with Bailey ahead of performances of "Wicked" in Little Rock, which run at Robinson Performance Hall through January 19.

Hopeful about Hogs in 2020

Seasonal cheer comes in many forms. With the curtain drawn closed on this crazy decade, this bedraggled Hog fan has hope where it once was not.

'The Rise of Skywalker' disappoints

The cast is fine. The effects are fine. The sense of wonder and adventure and beauty are all fine. What’s missing is any sort of payoff that suggests the keepers of these stories cared about them as anything other than an ATM.

Outlaw nation: Professional bull riding's new rockstar is from Hamburg, Arkansas

When Chase Outlaw (that’s really his name) goes into the bucking chute now, the announcers broadcast the story of his infamous comeback across the arena, and an X-ray of his mutilated face flashes on every screen, projecting an image of his eye socket looking like a chewed up piece of tobacco.

Kari Faux's latest is for "the 501"

Just in time for the holidays, rapper, singer and Little Rock native Kari Faux has released "Chattin Shit," a new song that asks us to mind our own business and not give credence to trash talkin'.

Baumbach's "Marriage Story" is a romance about divorce

Watching the typical Baumbach family, you wonder, “How did they ever make it, these terrible people?” But watching “Marriage Story,” you think the opposite: “How did they ever fail?”

Some reasons for optimism about Hogs

Sam Pittman’s sterling recruiting reputation and “coach’s coach” vibe—there’s a reason a couple of analysts felt it was far and away the best hiring of those made in the SEC, and maybe beyond—fits in well with a program that had sold out to a lot of false gimmickry.

ASO's Geoff Robson: collaborator-in-chief

“From the beginning," Robson said, "I realized that the orchestra is an organization that operates in a way that really values teamwork and the collective production of ideas."

Goon des Garcons is on a post-apocalyptic spree

Just in time to resonate as some post-apocalyptic Christmas cheer, Goon des Garcon's new EP extrapolates on the premise that humans have managed to bungle things up enough environmentally that we're living in "Hell City," a ravaged, water-starved and oxygen-deficient disaster zone.

Pittman a good hire for Hogs

Attentive fans know that Sam Pittman’s presence on Bret Bielema’s inaugural staff in 2013 was widely seen as a major coup. The amiable, energetic veteran had carved out quite a reputation as a master developer and recruiter of linemen. And guess what Arkansas football needs right now, more than ever?

Straight Outta Marked Tree: Five Questions with Brad Williams of The Salty Dogs

We caught up with Williams following the release of "Gold," a 29-track retrospective from Max Recordings featuring three new tracks with assists from Buck Trent and Lloyd Green, along with some of the barroom gems that have made The Salty Dogs a Little Rock treasure for the decade-plus across which the collection spans.

Kensuke Yamada: putting the 'ma' in art

UA Little Rock sculptor’s ceramic figures both invite, keep a distance.

Bring on the new head Hog

Arkansas will soon have a new head football coach. A great deal of us have begged for such changes, and now it is finally here: a vacancy to be filled.

Tedeschi Trucks Band made a "joyful noise"

The Jacksonville, Fla., 12-piece outfit delivered a two-hour set of all-the-music Nov. 16, from the take-you-to-church, gospel-inflected “Joyful Noise” to the closer, a Motown-flavored “I Want More” that morphed into the Santana instrumental classic, “Soul Sacrifice.”

Five dances, five moods in Ballet Arkansas’s “Debut”

Orson Welles once said that the enemy of art is the absence of limitation. Perhaps Michael Fothergill had a similar adage in mind when he drew up the rules for Ballet Arkansas’s most recent evening of new works.

The benefit of shamelessness: A Q&A with "That's What She Said" cofounder Leigh Wood

A Q&A with Leigh Wood, cofounder of the Northwest Arkansas live storytelling series "That's What She Said." We talk about the series, what makes a good story, and the benefit of shamelessness.

A twin city "Delta Exhibition" for 2020

The annual juried show will find a home in two Argenta galleries and the Historic Arkansas Museum.