Ryan Fannin

Well, it doesn’t get much more Ozarky than this: the venerable Big Smith at Fayetteville’s venerable George’s Majestic Lounge.

Well, venerable with an asterisk for the band: Nineties scene darlings Big Smith are still rolling with the momentum generated from a 2016 reformation after a handful of dark Smithless years. Fittingly, the “Ozarks family band” – they’re brothers and cousins, and formed in Springfield, Mo. – played its final Arkansas shows in 2012 at George’s on Dickson Street after 15 years together.

The Smithers went off to other musical projects, including band founder Mark Bilyeu’s husband/wife duo with Cindy Woolf, the Creek Rocks. A one-off 2016 New Year’s Eve gig in Springfield coaxed the group out of its self-imposed exile. Like the best of one-off gigs will do, this one put BS back in action, so to speak. Deeper in the internet, or perhaps in Big Smith’s post-regrouping press materials, someone has surely said Big Smith’s members still fit together like a good old pair of overalls, so we’ll save that metaphor for when a band with another clothing-related name comes around.