Andrew Morgan, who records as Country Florist, is forever strapped to the beat, taking some ridiculously simple sequence and patiently developing it into a smart groove. His latest EP, “OUTLASTR,” is described at the Bandcamp link as “moody, defiant, playful, and anger tempered with the will to party. … four-four amours for the dance floors.”

It’s all of that in four boss tracks, with underworldly robot voices, pulsing quarter notes, the repetition of the phrase “I’ve got sawdust on my shoe” and a video for “State and Lake” that will make you fall back in love with Chicago (and maybe with public transit in general), no matter how long it’s been since you visited.

Check out T.J. Deeter’s conversation with Morgan following the release of Morgan’s 2017 collection “Waveland,” and definitely check out “OUTLASTR” while you’re driving around this weekend.