NEW FAUX MUSIC: Kari Faux has released a new track "Chattin Shit," aimed at those with somethin' to say about the singer, rapper and Little Rock native.

Just in time for the holidays, rapper, singer and Little Rock native Kari Faux has released “Chattin Shit,” a new song that asks us to mind our own business and not give credence to trash talkin’ — an especially helpful reminder for those facing time spent with frustrating family members and tense dinner tables.

On Dec. 18, Faux posted to her Instagram that her mother “always use to tell me that they talked shit about jesus,” so she uploaded the new song “in honor of our lordT and savior’s alleged birthday and the n*ggas that hated on him and the ones that think they hate me now.”


The track, produced by London-based indie rock trio Husky Loops, is bouncy and light, with Faux’s signature mellow voice and seemingly effortless rhymes dancing over layers of synthesizer and string. It’s brief, fun and easy to listen to over and over again. Little Rock also gets a shout out, as Faux is want to do, with the lyrics “I’m self made hoe I had to get it out the mud / This for all my n*ggas from the 501.”

“Chattin Shit” is Faux’s first new song since the release of “Cry 4 Help” in March earlier this year, and hopefully the track is indicative of more new music coming in 2020. For now, follow Faux’s example and “let the people talk” while you sit back and observe the inevitable chaos that is the remainder of holiday season.