Won Run Brian Chilson

Joseph Fuller’s outfit M came in at a close second, but the ever-weird, always-anthemic saxophone-laden rap/rock outfit Won Run pulled out a win at the Arkansas Times Musicians Showcase last night at Stickyz.

Join us for Round Two on Thursday, Feb. 6, for sets from Turtle Rush, Route 358, Trashcan Bandits and Tiny Towns.


A recap of the first round follows, with notes from our panel of judges: Jason Burnett of The Gettys, Chris James of The Roots Art Connection, Buckley O’Mell of the Little Rock Chamber and Create Little Rock and EC Haynes of Salon EC.



Sleepover (formerly Something Better)


“Love the switch-ups of the instruments. Always fun to see.”

“Their sound is mesmerizing! Every member does everything.”

“Good crowd engagement, funny. Beatbox was cool. Switching instruments is talent but exposes weaknesses, not the strongest.”

“Good comradery; they had some fans!”



The Phenomenal Self


“The drummer set the bar, others need to match energy to make band appear as one. Guitar tone too bright.”

“The drummer was great. Lead singer didn’t seem as connected to the audience as she was to the music.”

“Great energy; singer has cool vibrato.”

“It was a good show. Gelled toward the end better.”



“First half of the set way okay but not memorable Clearly talented musicians … Second half of the set was awesome! Inventive, soulful, melodic and modern.”

“Polished, veteran musicians and it shows. Songs left me feeling resolved. Good groove.”

“Nobody is touching this band. Lyrics are poetic. They’re unpredictable.”

“So many gems in the band. They’re ready for major stages. I love love love.”

“Very cool vibe, can tell everyone is into it. Love the stops and key changes.”


Won Run

“Fun as fuck! I would drag my friends to see these guys. All my friends.”

“Lots of different influences. Makes for good originality.”

“Fun feel. Really versatile group. That sax is sexy. … I’d have them play in any room.”

“Love the integrity. Everyone owns their instrument.”

“Most diverse band. Super original, very creative songs.”